April 4, 2013

Spinning a new Mantra - Performance Nutrition for Harbhajan Singh

In a spin bowlers diet it is crucial to maintain the balance of proteins and carbs. The main issue is that there are spurts of activity during bowling spells and long rest periods in test matches to shorts spells in the T 20 format. Players like Harbhajan Singh today are opting to change the way they eat for performance on the field. We fielded 5 questions from the fiery spinner 1. What do I need to eat to remain fit or get fitter? 2. Should I eat heavy pre game? 3. Whats a better option Milk or Curd? 4. How soon should I eat after a match and what should it be? 5. Give me five super foods I can eat that will help me rover between T 20 games?

Before and during the cricket season, there are several important dietary considerations for teenage cricketers to manage. These include:
• optimising growth and development
• including adequate carbohydrate, protein and healthy fats in your daily diet
• organising quick, healthy low fat meals and snacks to maintain energy levels
• minimise snacking on less healthy foods during periods of reduced activity
• maintain a healthy body weight appropriate to your size
• ensuring sufficient fluid intake to maintain adequate hydration

Watch this video to know more on supplements in Crciket

We are answering all in a CUSTOMISED NUTRITION PLAN at QUA NUTRITION for Harbhajan. Eating is a science when it comes to Sports Performance and the game of cricket is changing into a Hungry one!! Just EAT IT! is what I say! Ryan Fernando NUTRITION COACH to Harbhajan Singh

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