September 28, 2013

VEG DIET for SPORTS PERSON - Is it neccesary to convert to Non-veg?

Working with powerful athletes who are vegeterian involves a belief that as a nutritionist you can guide performance from nutrition from both schools of thought...Both VEG and NON-VEG. Watch me guide people via a TV interview.

KILLER KANTEENS- Is your Child eating Poison at School? Are you packing the Tiffin box right?

A study by the School Food Trust has revealed that over 40% of lunchboxes don’t contain a single piece of fruit or vegetable that could count towards the kids’ 5-a-day.

All that your child really wants is a change from mundane everyday food. And with limitless food options available at our disposal, why do we insist on providing our child with the same food every day? Even vegetarian options can be limitless - all you have to do is cook the same vegetables in a different way, and the entire taste and appearance changes.

Food is not just a feast for the taste buds. While we may believe it targets just one sense, it in fact targets the sense of smell, of sight, of taste and yes, of touch as well. Think about it - mushrooms do not have much of a taste by themselves, but their texture is what makes them so delectable.

Like all parents, you mean well, but just run out of ideas every now and then as to what to pack into your child's lunch box. So here are a few healthy and tasty alternatives that your child is sure to love.


Skip the white bread. Opt for brown bread instead. Visit the neighbouring bakery for a variety of options. If your child does not like regular brown bread, pick up a foot-long (baguette, roll) or pita instead. Use the same ingredients you always use while making your child a regular sandwich, but put them in a foot-long instead. Add some mayonnaise, and your child will gobble it up.


If your child likes home-cooked soup, instead of sending your child daal, try sending him soup today with garlic bread or cheese toast. (Avoid making soup from packets as they are not as healthy as fresh soup). Once again, instead of sending him regular bread, pick up multi-grain or mushroom bread for him.


Watermelon and papaya cubes, kiwi and apple slices, strawberries and grapes make a tasty fruit salad. So if your child likes fruits, let his lunchbox contain some fruits today and at least one other day of the week. You could also take pineapples, cherries and cheese cubes and string them together on a toothpick. It looks exotic and contains a multitude of nutrients to benefit your child.


Instead of water, let your child take sweet lime water (nimbu pani), buttermilk or coconut water in his water bottle a couple of times a week. Send him his favourite vegetable (subji) wrapped up in a chappati, in the style of a frankie or roll. Better yet, substitute chapattis with lightly fried (in ghee) parothis.


Most children love peanut butter sandwiches. Peanut butter is not locally available in India, and you may have to buy imported peanut butter. Optionally, it is easy to make peanut butter at home. All you need is a grinder. Take two handfuls of peanuts, a couple of garlic cloves and a little salt. Combine ingredients in a grinder and grind them till you have a paste. You can even add a little butter or oil. If your child likes it spicy, add a little red chilli powder.


Give your child a baked treat! Vegetables baked in white sauce. Instead of using maida in the white sauce, use regular wheat. It will be just as tasty, and incredibly nutritious.

Use wheat flour instead of maida in any form, be it pasta or bread.

September 27, 2013

Running Nutrition - Tips for those preparing for a 21 Km

Everyday I talk to people about eating for performance. At Goa recently I delivered a 1hr lecture to Marathon runners and what they need to be doing from a nutrition perspective. My sports Nutrition plans are available across the world and delivered by our team of sports nutritionists via phone, skype or in person at our clinics.

September 21, 2013

Secrets to CODE better - A techies Guide to Better Nutrition!

Techies like to eat more than 2,500 calories daily. 
The culprit for techies' poor diet could be being forced to snack on the job due to their long working hours..
IT workers' voracious appetite could also be an attempt to take on board fuel and stay awake, as the majority of those surveyed get just six hours of sleep each night.
BPO / KPO / and whatever other PO's are out there...........these employees better take good care of your health. It is no secret that, working at 24X7 environments long term can be detrimental to health. However, being health conscious can limit the harm. Experts are in agreement that a healthy diet, regular exercise, stress management etc. will help. And what more, they are asking employers to help employees with this matter. My own brother Kevin is a Victim of this new Age Revolution…Its the 21st Century Industrial revolution, where Brick laying now is behind computers during the GRAVEYARD SHIFT. I am watching the Spiralling journey of his career only go up, with his Health going the opposite way.

Though 24X7 work environment is not exclusive to the BPO industry, it is the most talked about. Is the call centre processes designed to fit the technology & not the health of the workers. Is it about outsourcing health problems along with the work?

Companies have now increasingly become vigilant of the health concerns of its employees, as they have realised the importance of a healthy workforce. The mantra chanted across the sector in India is healthy employees can only keep an organization in a good financial health.

Creating a healthy work environment is a win-win for both employers and employees, agree many HR managers. Healthy employees are more productive, is another unanimous voice across the industry. Given the various benefits, it will definitely contribute to build BPO into a $30 bn industry by 2012, employing TEN million operators.

Long working hours, permanent night shifts, incredibly high work targets, loss of identity are the dark clouds that threaten to mar the "sunshine call centre" industry in India.

The management across the sector is increasingly getting aware of occupational hazards associated with the job. The rejuvenation process for the employees is picking up the pace but dearth of innovative techniques can be felt. Although, employees in large Indian corporates are getting adequate facilities but small companies are still gearing up to provide employees with proper working conditions.

Though the industry denies that absenteeism is connected to health concerns, the bottomline remains illness & fatigue as common reasons.  Many companies are providing for healthy lifestyle practices within a healthy physical & social environment. Health education & awareness forms the core of numerous facilities that the sector provides for its employees.  Awareness generation has to be at the motivational level so that the impact affects not only the work but also the employees in general.

It is very important to educate the employees about correct lifestyle especially in diet patterns & exercise as the after effects, imbalances & complications show up in long term. I believe that continuous variability in the shifts can have major implications and the industry should guarantee a single shift with fixed week offs for a period of time so that it is easier for the employees to fulfill both their biological needs & social obligations.

We got to make smart choices in what we eat so that the body remains fit and helps in coping with the day to day stress & demands of 24X7 work scenario. Health concerns as one of the major reasons for attrition in the sector  as I recently found out from my Brother.

What can you DO?

  1. It is quite pertinent to make an instant switch to items, which are non-fatty in nature and are easily digestible. i recommends oat based meal, brown rice & daliya. Suggest avoiding heavy dinners, strongly advocates increase in the intake of sprouts, curd, roasted snacks & fruits in daily meals. 
  2. Instead of fizzy drinks, nimbu pani & light tea are healthier options.
  3. In addition, exercise is a must for a healthy body & mind. Get a Personal trainer. Stop blaming the world for your miseries. Take control of your responsibility towards discipline. Your body is a TEMPLE its about time you worship it.
  4. Instead of blaming a certain situation, a little care & attention in managing what we eat everyday will not only increase productivity at work but also bring in better work life balance. 
  5. Also the organisation needs to be sensitive towards the health concerns of the employees PERIOD.
  6. Apart from a need for an explicit & relevant regulation & guidance specific to the industry, health risk assessment and its control is a must. Length & frequency of breaks should be specified along with counseling to strike a balance between physical & mental rhythm to synchronise the body clock.

So, if working 24X7, switch to fruit parties from Pizza & pakora parties not only at office but outside too.

 A healthy body inculcates creativity & improves productivity. Reasons enough to gear up.