September 1, 2008


SUSHIL KUMAR! BRONZE!!! My phone beeped when he thumped the mat at Beijing. WE won Bronze was the Message from him and I am his advisor in performance Nutrition.

I met Sushil 9 days before his tyrst with destiny. He was 72 kgs aiming to fight in the 65 kgs category. He was of the idea of starving himself and running like mad a day before the event. This is the condition of our infrastructure. In this case its not the facilities but the professional know how. SPORTS AUTHORITY of India needs a performance nutritionists to advise the coaches on the Nutrition cycles in the build up to competitions. Anyways, he blindly trusted me, because I just said to him " If you want to win the next nine days these two sheets of paper will prescribe your diet and liquids, and you will not touch anything outside this paper." he agreed and the rest is history.

 His diet prescribed was without doubt one of a winner. I know for a fact Sushil spent more than 1.5 lakhs on supplements alone.

His last 9 days of diet and supplements were given to him by me for a planned weight loss of 7 kgs and a mind blowing power increase of atleast 20%. I think we achieved it without a doubt.

IF NOT ANYTHING, I stand as per my first Blog, Give me an athlete who follows a performance nutrition regime and I can give you a winner.

SUSHIL! India salutes you for your effort and I thank you for the opportunity to prove that scientific performance nutrition is the only way to a medal.

January 28, 2008


I took these lines from India's Best Marathon Runner Sunitha Godara blog.

To start with, I would reflect on my running career for those who are not aware of my running. I have been Asian Marathon Champion in 1992. I have run more than 1,05,000 kilometers in my running career spanning to 27 years of active competitive running. I have completed 66 full marathons. Presently I am competing and everyday I run about 20 Km in training, totaling to about 130 to 150 Km per week which adds about 7000 Km per year at an average speed of 5 minutes per km. I have run races in 24 countries, all continents and raced in more than 200 road racing competitions round the world in all the continents. I first ran outside India in 1985 Boston Marathon in U.S.A. and became India’s National Marathon Champion in 1984.

She has been trying out aminonutrition on her run's with her team of elite runners. In her own words " I felt fresh at the end of the race".

This time I could only smile knowing that Perforamnce Nutrition does wonders to the body's engine - THE MUSCLES.

GOOD LUCK Sunitha in creating a nation of Runners!

DELHI RANJI VICTORY - BODYFUELZ fueled their performance

Tejvir and Badrinath, the trainer and the Physio of the Winning Ranji Team of Delhi were the unsung heroes. They were responsible in keeping the boys injury free throughout the whole season.

We spent 2 whole days last season profiling each player including Ishant Sharma in their performance Diet and their Aminonutrition programe. They were aggresively put on BODYFUELZ products before,during and after the game. We also tested our two new products FASTCHARGE & PWRSPORTS with this Team with exceptional results.

Being Ryan Fernando, a Sports Nutrition Performance Specialist, I have found it very difficult to find people like Badrinath from the Medical profession and Tejvir a world class athelete turned Fitness trainer, to listen to the concept of Performance Nutrition. They Listened and they WON!

Another one of our successes in the SPORTS PERFORMANCE. CONGRATS DELHI TEAM.

January 1, 2008

Resolution 2008 - Win at all costs

Guiding athletes from across the country has me bitten by the Workout Bug. I am now at 60 kgs. My target at the end of 2008 is 72 kgs my ideal bodyweight.

I am going to use by own body as a performance measurement tool in terms of Performance nutrition. BODYFUELZ is already a key component in my workout regime.

This year is going to Rock! At 32, I feel 23 and burning rubber in the gym.

Its Glutamine, Free form amino's , and a cocktail of dry fruits thats the new addition to bulk up.

Keep tuned. and oh! by the way I got to meet Neha Dhupia at Golds Gym in Mumbai. Now I know why filmstars have killer Abs....even the women ;}...Its because they workout like Crazy.

Which reminds me I have to get me a girlfriend with Killer Abs...

2008 .... Going to chew everyday and spit out the pips!!!