March 16, 2014

How do I decide what to feed my baby - Nutrition and Gene's that respond to Diet and Exercise

Icahn 5 months
Icahn 6 months
 PUBLIC DISCLOSURE: The below post is a personal post influenced by my own sons experiments with discovering whats the right thing for him. Most information is backed by medical science but I do not suggest you make this post the basis of your decisions for the diet of a kid. Seek professional paid nutritional guidance for customisation

Baby nutrition with a nutritionist
The best baby food Blender
My son, Icahn Aryan is all of 8 months when he was given the green signal to start solid foods via BABY FOOD!. So I went out as a nutritionist and bought the best BABY FOOD BLENDER from Philips Avent...This is an awesome blender to make kids foods. It steams first and cooks the fruits or vegetables or Grains and then is able to blend it to a fine puree or BABY Goo! We do not buy baby food for him. This steamer and blender does it in 25 minutes flat at the longest..

Qua Nutrition Kids nutrition
Icahn 7 months
The biggest issue was that the Doctor now was not able to give us direction for what foods to start with. It was there but vague. And then is a ton of motherly, grandmotherly advice thats really good ...but not accurate and designed  to the generation that we live in.

Its here that I decide to make Icahn the youngest tested Nutrigenetic patient in the country. A nutrigenomic test takes a saliva sample and we then process the DNA from the saliva to look at the genes related to the diet.

I now know his Apo E gene, his Diet Category or the PPARG gene, all his vitamin based gene receptors and their action in the body, whether he has the FAT storage and absorption genes, his immunity function, his exercise genes and most importantly we got Icahns IQ gene, his memory gene, his reading and learning gene tested. WATCH THE VIDEO to see snippets of the test.

With this report and the pediatric nutritionist guiding us we are able to plan a better meal, a better choice of Apple or banana, potato or sweet potato.

So in brief what did we learn

  1. What ratio of FATs to Carbs
  2. How much protein
  3. How to teach him young to eat for his cholesterol gene
  4. Which vitamin receptors are low and we supplement so he grow well ...immunity, brain and bones ;)
  5. How much does he need to play, which game( I THINK GOLF) based on his exercise genes
  6. Does he need to play more than he studies
  7. Does he need to avoid Junk food....HELL YES...he has the E3/E3 gene. ;(
  8. Will he become a he needs to Avoid sugar or be trained from very very young to Avoid sweets as his exercise does not impact his insulin sensitivity.
  9. And from his Brain performance much Omega and minerals for brain performance, how much stimulus via video games, TV and Reading and whether to really push him

Few pointers as a Nutritionist with a Biochemistry and  Gut microflora fetish... Introduce one food at a time per 4-5 days. dont start them as a mix. The microbial gut flora take about a week to get acclimatised to fermentations of a new substrate. So when I first start with rice for Icahn, my ideas was based on Starch, glucose and the glycemic index of rice. Its best to start first with white rice and then move to brown rice. This may be wrong nutritionally but its kinder on a 7 month old babys digestive system. As a father when you change PAMPERS you will know what I mean...the Smell....thats the start of a new fermentation...its called BIOGAS ;). Kids dont get Colic because of the mothers but when they do not have the right bacteria in their gut. So go with Probiotics. Icahn was a normal delivery baby and still I am working with probiotics for him. TO KNOW MORE ON HIS SCHEDULE OF INTRODUCTION OF FOODS please click here.

I must say I am blessed to have this knowledge to know how to go about his nutrition. To all the parents out there.....for the cost of a smartphone you get to know how your child needs to EAT.

1 year, 10 year old or 15 year old...come to QUA NUTRITION....we even work overseas....we will send you the DNA kit.....


Our team of child nutrition specialists can  be reached at  080 3232 92929, international +91 974343 0000 or email

March 14, 2014

Yogeshwar Dutt gets Sports Nutrition advice

Nutrition coach Ryan fernando with Sushil kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt

Yogeshwar Dutt rolls his opponent 6 times with power that belied his tired look.Winning an Olympic medal is not an easy task. Winning in wrestling is an even larger herculean task. The Gods would be shining on Yogeshwar as he clinches his Olympic medal tonight. Yogeshwar is a follower of an Olympic sports nutrition program. A program with roots at the ARMY SPORTS Institute, yogeshwar's injuries were treated with glucosamine and Vit C. Teaching him about Nutrient timings seem frivolous at the time, but in retrospect he was a keen learner and hence a winner today. To every student out there training to be an Olympian, the journey starts a decade in advance and Nutrition plays a key role. Dutt once asked me " How do I fight without getting tired? is there a Food that helps?" Beetroot was my reply then.......and still is... Very Happy to have met you  Mr DUTT!

March 6, 2014

Workplace Nutrition for your Women

Women need to eat right in the workplace

WOMEN are special. Gift them something that will touch them for life. A gift of Nutrition advice that is based on your LOVED Ones QUA! Email me to wow the women in your Company, your life or your eye!