September 24, 2010

Can I Use Amino Acids during your Workout? Hell YEAH!!

I do believe that Supplements provide the Nutritional convenience to Nutritional Indiscipline in the common man. For the Elite Athlete a must, But Customise your Nutrition Strategy. You can email me to have yours personalised for as low as $100.

September 23, 2010

Are Sports Drinks safe for Children.wmv

My Team and Me work with KIDS NUTRITION too. We would be happy to help your child excel to become a superstar. Some of my Kids have been with me since 8 years of age. Today most of them are PRO's and thats 10 years of DATA.


September 13, 2010

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP holder is on My Nutrition Strategy

HISTORY in the making. Sushil Kumar wins the World championship in Wrestling. The best part about Sports Nutrition is that it helps athletes the legal way. Food supplements if taken under proper supervision and INTENT will not have banned substances. My long time client Sushil has yet again hammered his own limits. He is the first Indian to win a world championship..and that too beating a Russian.

His preparations are backed by a huge investment in analysis of his body's performance. We know Sushil competes in a 66 kg category and he changes his weight from 72 to 66 kgs to play. We get into minute details and check every parameter to see how his body responds and then apply exercise physiology and Nutrition strategies to the plan for PEAK PERFORMANCE.

In this case the rewards are his and only his. We only fuel him scientifically.