April 30, 2013

Swimmers need advanced SPORTS NUTRITION

An eye-opener for swimmers on why you should invest in a good nutrition plan for your swim performance. A good nutritionist will take into account your culture, genetics, blood chemistry and training loads to guide you on an eating strategy that will help increase your performance, eneregy and recovery. Our Nutrition programs make a difference to your swim performance. Roshan Uday one of India's brightest star swimmers is a huge believer in proper nutrition. Every parent is confused whats best for their kids in terms of nutrition and supplements. Watch this video too to really convince yourself. If after this video you decide not to invest in a sports nutrition, then your really short sighted! CALL 080 3232 9292 to book a plan. Alternatively SMS 974343 0000 with the statement " SPORTS NUTRITION PLAN for SWIMMER!" and our sports nutritionist will call you back.

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