September 29, 2009

White is Fluffy, BROWN is beautiful!!!

We Indians love rice. I have not met a family that says that they dont touch rice. Remember the good Old days at Granny's house where you ate the Big fat Rice with Curry from an earthen pot. Well, Organic and BROWN is Back.

You should switch from white to Brown.

Rice goes through a variety of processes before it reaches the consumer. After harvesting, the husk of the rice is removed by milling process which gives you the brown rice. The process that produces brown rice removes only the outermost layer, the hull, of the rice kernel and is the least damaging to its nutritional value. The complete milling and polishing that converts brown rice into white rice destroys 67% of the vitamin B3, 80% of the Vitamin B1, 90% of the Vitamin B6, half of the Manganese, half of the Phosphorus, 60% of the Iron, and all of the dietary fiber and essential fatty acids.



* Brown Rice is Rich in Fiber and Selenium

* Women Who Eat Whole Grains Weigh Less

* Manganese-Energy Production Plus Antioxidant Protection

* Lower Cholesterol with Whole Brown Rice

* Phytonutrients with Health-Promoting Activity Equal to or Even Higher than that of Vegetables and Fruits

* Reduce Your Risk of Metabolic Syndrome.

May the Qua be with you

September 25, 2009

Loosening your Wallet this season and Tightening Your Belt!!!

The Festivals have begun, Navratri, Durga Puja,Dussehra, Diwali, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Three months of Indulgence. I love this period of the year. Sweets,Pakoras,Cake, Rasmalai's and everything that can make your mouth water.

Did you know that the average calorie content of a meal during a festive season goes up by 200-300 calories.


1. Money is good. Bonuses are received. Spend on expensive dishes and savouires
2. People are happy. Eat more.
3. Family is Excited. Eat more.
4. You are relaxed. Eat more.

So here are some tips that will get you through the BULGE.

1. Try to enroll in a GYM programme now. Most gyms offer discounts at this time. Don't settle on the rates given to you. Bargain. Tell them you want to workout. Ask them to give you an incentive to Join.

2. When you eat. Remember My fist Portion. Well try to follow that.

3. Drink a Soup or a Lemon Juice before you start. You will feel fuller and eat less.

4. Think about savoring the Taste. Insert a morsel in your mouth and roll it around as if your having an ORGASM. Trust me TICKLING your taste buds to the height of Ecstasy is very gratifying. In simple Chew longer and relish your food. Science has said that if you chew longer you eat 33% lesser.

5. Share a plate this Season with your loved ones. People eating from one plate eat more. Share your plate and the two of you eat lesser. Besides that you BOND! Physiologically your already satisfied.

6. Go for walks. Long walks. With your family or friends. Its the best way to unwind.

7. If your lazy. Get a DOG. My dog gets me to walk him twice a day. He actually gets grumpy if I don't walk him. SIDE EFFECT I easily do 5 kms a Day

8. Use L_CARNITINE and VIT BCOMPLEX. These two food Supplements help burn fat Naturally and slowly.

9. Drink Green tea every day. Its a natural Fat burner.

10. Get lots of Sex. Besides burning calories, you get to take of your clothes regularly. Nothing like a spotter who can tell you your putting on weight. Get revenge by working it off in BED. Become a Sex GOD!!! L-argenine and Vit C are the best Aphrodisiacs that are natural. Burn upto 600 calories a day satisfying your partner. Post Workout Snack, A yogurt shake with Strawberries or try Ice Cold Fresh Lemon Juice with Souffle.

ENJOY the weeks ahead. If you don't follow any of the above its Okay. Just Come back Happier.

May the QUA be with you this Festive Season.

September 22, 2009

Learn to Sniff out the SUGAR on commercial items

A recent Ad from a cereal company claimed that you could loose 2 kgs in a week and fit into that Awesome RED dress. No doubt the woman was pretty and she would loose weight. Hell she is a model. But the fact of the matter is that Clever Marketing and advertising agencies cheat the consumer. Hell I am a Marketing Manager and I Know the tricks of the trade.

Lets Break it down.....CORNFLAKES, BISCUITS and Juices......Have you ever Read the SUGAR CONTENT on the label. PLEASE START LEARNING TO READ SUGAR CONTENT ON LABELS of foods that you buy.

Most of the boxed cereals found in supermarkets contain large amounts of sugar and some contain more than 50% sugar (sugar smacks have 53% sugar). Cereal manufacturers are very clever in their marketing, making many cereals appear much more healthy than they appear by “fortifying” them with vitamins and minerals. Oh, lovely – you now have vitamin-fortified sugar!vitamin-fortified sugar!vitamin-fortified sugar!

Say it again vitamin-fortified sugar! not cornflakes but this sugar stuff.

Before you eat any cereal, read the ingredients list and see how high sugar appears on the ingredient list. Then check the “Nutrition facts” panel.
There are actually only a small handful of national commercially branded cereals that are made from whole grains and are sugar free. Shredded Wheat is one. If you shop at a health food store instead of in your local supermarket, you are much more likely to find a healthy, whole grain, sugar free (or very low sugar) cereal. But watch out – some of the health food store boxed cereals are sweetened with fruit juice or fructose. Although this may be an improvement over refined white sugar, this can really skyrocket the calories.
Although there are some good boxed cereals available, you may find it interesting that bodybuilders and fitness models – among the leanest athletes in the world – almost never eat boxed cereal – even the better brands. Instead, they opt for unsweetened old fashioned oatmeal (not the flavored, sweetened packets). This might surprise you, but most commercial breakfasts cereals, with their hidden sugars and clever marketing, are foods that turn to fat. Leave em on the shelf!

Next one is on JUICEs yes FRUIT JUICES!!! and the sugar it contains.... Why do you think India Has the HIGHEST NUMBER of DIABETICS IN THE WORLD!!

May the QUA be with you.

September 18, 2009

Why we Helping Upcoming Sporstars who are unknown?

Everyday we work on meeting people, through the Internet, through meetings in the sports field, through word of mouth and sometimes just by pure luck. We met Karan on the Golf course, actually we met his Father Brigadier Malik over a round of GOLF. He was using BODYFUELZ during his game and he said if this can make a differnece to me what about my SON....KARAN is a SQUASH PLAYER.

Karan Malik is one of India's best Junior Champion's. We have been working together on his Foundation Nutrition and his performance Nutrition. His world ranking at his highest level was 325, which he is looking to better. The International Squash Academy in Chennai is backed by some of the best professional teams in the World. Major Mania and Cyrus Poncha are two world class GURU's who teach some of the best players in India. KARAN is their Prodigy.

So why do we back a dark horse? Well, its not about being a no-one becoming a someone, but merely by the Fire in a persons eye. You can see it. Some people have this inner fire that just burst through them.

Karan right now is moving to the United Kingdom to study and further his game of Squash. We wish him well and we know that he will be back to play time and again for the Country. His bags are a TAD little over weight because in addition to his mum's favourite pickle, he is carrying nearly four months of supply of BODYFUELZ products with him.

Remember we all start small and grow to become Champions. PERFORMANCE NUTRITION is all about knowing the right formula to help you win. Above all its completely safe and free from Side effects and all the plans are DOPE FREE.

Try to beat that!!!

September 17, 2009

FRY your soul away....Well your BODY is probably begining to go up in SMOKE with Fried Stuff!

OATS was good, now back to the bad. If your feeling guilty, there's nothing worse than topping it up with FRIED stuff.

All fried foods are really BAD NEWS! (with all capitals!) Fried foods are harmful in more ways than one. First of all, they are high in calories and mostly fat. Take a McDonald’s super size fries, for example. Polish off the whole batch and you’ve got yourself 610 calories and 29 grams of fat, 10 of them saturated. (ONE HOLY HOUR ON THE TREADMILL)
Large Burger King hash browns – 390 calories and 25 grams of fat, 15 of them saturated.
KFC fried chicken breast (extra tasty crispy) – one serving alone sets you back 470 calories and 25 grams of fat.
Second, the type of fat is highly saturated and/or trans fat.

Frying destroys essential fatty acids (EFA’s) by twisting their molecules from the cis-configuration in which they’re normally found to the unnatural trans shape. To make matters worse, shortening and margarines have replaced the lard that was traditionally used for frying. These contain large amounts of chemically altered trans fatty acids to begin with, so you get a double whammy of artery clogging, health destroying “funny fats.”

SIMPLE ENGLISH...... Your making FATS ( even if they are good) ...TERMINATORS inside your body.

According to Udo Erasmus, the world’s foremost expert on fats, there is no such thing as safe frying. “Safe frying is a contradiction in terms,” says Erasmus. “When foods turn brown, they have been burned. The nutrients in burned material have been destroyed. Proteins turn into carcinogenic acrolein. Starches and sugars are browned through molecular destruction. Fats and oils are turned to smoke by destruction of fatty acids and glycerol.”
Folks, stay the heck away from anything fried! (By the way, did you know that “sauté” is the French word for “fry?”)

BAKE BAKE BAKE, healthier option.
STEAM is the lowest cal option

I know You say you love your eat some...punish yourself at the GYM and pop 2 Omega-3 capsules for insurance. l-CARNITINE is also a good supplement to protect your DNA from fried foods.

People I am not SANTA CLAUS of food...I am more like the GRIM REAPER..

May the QUA be with you!!

September 15, 2009

Please Sir May I have some More - Oliver Twist! OATS

If I could only choose one source of complex, starchy carbohydrates for a fat loss program, this would be it! Oatmeal is the one carbohydrate food that virtually 100% of all bodybuilders and fitness models eat on a daily basis. What makes it so great? Well, although it’s a starchy carbohydrate, oatmeal has a nice balance between carbs, protein and good fat. A half a cup contains 3 grams of fat, 27 grams of carbs and 5 grams of protein. The low glycemic index, combined with the presence of protein and fat makes oatmeal a very slowly released carb – exactly what you’re looking for when you want to get lean.

Make sure you choose the all-natural oats; either old-fashioned oats (such as Quaker) or the quick oats. Stay away from the sweetened and or flavored oatmeal packets. Oatmeal is delicious with natural (sugar free) applesauce and cinnamon. Or, try some crushed walnuts or flaxseeds in your morning oats, which will give your “porridge” a nice crunchy texture while adding those desirable “good fats” we all need. For a complete meal, try 1-2 scoops of Vanilla flavored Whey protein powder in your oatmeal. If you get tired of oatmeal, there are plenty of other cooked whole grain cereals in the “oatmeal family.” Look in your local health food store (or a gourmet supermarket) for barley, wheat, titricale, rye, oat bran and flax cereals (or a multi grain combination of the above).

Oatmeal somehow reduces Cholesterol and keeps you going longer. Its an excellent Fat burning food. Again if you use milk, used Skimmed milk or as I do water + whey protein + oats + almond powder and some ground cinnamon....

Its fuel....dont just read this ...get off your backside and try OATS for five days in a replacement of one of your will see the Scale drop a kg or two.

May the QUA be with you.

September 12, 2009

I scream U scream We all Scream for ICECREAM!!!

I’m sure a lot of people will be mad at me when they see their beloved ice cream as number one on the hit list of the foods that turn to fat, but here goes: Ice cream is Bad news with a capital B! Ice cream is loaded with fat, sugar and way more calories than you need; an evil fat-storing triad. Not to mention, the artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, emusifiers and stabilizers.
Now let’s talk about the fat. One cup (that’s a pretty small serving you know), contains approximately 350 calories and 20 grams of fat – mostly saturated. And that’s just regular premium vanilla ice cream. A cup of Walls or Amul Chocolate has 660 calories and 36 grams of fat. But that’s nuthin!
HOWEVER HOWEVER HOWEVER ...I love Icecreams there is an alternative

There are so many delicious alternatives to ice cream like fruit sorbet or even sugar free, low fat frozen yogurt, it boggles the mind that more fitness conscious people don’t make the switch.

Italian Gelato's too if you have to go the mile.

You can have your ice cream and eat it too, you just have to watch your portion sizes, read labels, choose your brand carefully, and go with a reduced fat or even a fat free version. Usually I hear, “but it just doesn’t taste the same.” Maybe true, but if regular ice cream is a regular item in your weekly or daily menu, you can rest assured that a lot of those calories will be turning to fat.

Listen to look and feel gorgeous, you need to watch what you eat....HAHAHHAAA only WATCH.....if I hit the ICECREAM TUB...get this one cup is about 300 calories so that means an hour in the Gym.

SIN ..but only sin when your willing to punish your body.

Otherwise the FAT goes straight to your Hips Ladies. Guys your not spared ...Your sperm count drops with the extra tyre....If your not flat you swimmers are hating your binges....Spruce up!!!

Which reminds me After Eight Hagen Das is in the fridge. TIME to forget what I preach.

See you in the GYM on sunday Morning.


September 3, 2009

Breafast on the Negative Calorie Diet- Dont Skimp.

Don’t skimp on your breakfast! This really is the most important
meal of the day. Even on the Negative Calorie Diet it is no different. Start
every morning off with a healthy meal of fruit. Eat till you’re full.
I said only till you’re full.

Do not gorge yourself. Eat only these
particular fruits:
Honeydew Melon
Pretty simple, ;-) ? Do not mix any of these. Stick with one per
morning meal. These fruits will aid in the digestion of the meals you
eat later in the day.
Another small list. Apples or Celery. If you get hungry before
lunch, gulp down an apple or some celery. Drink a glass of water
before each snack. Same with a snack before dinner. A glass of
water, then an apple or celery. If, after having consumed a glass of
water, you don.t feel hungry, forget the snack! Don.t eat anything
else. Got it? Good!

May the QUA be with you!