November 2, 2007

ISSA>TALWALKARS> and BODYFUELZ performance training

I met Mr Madhukar Talwalkar. He's inspired me to get to the gym to Weight train.

I just finished a series of Performance Nutrition seminars to their trainers at Talwalkars.

ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) conducted their first seminars for Certified Fitness Trainers in Chennai and Delhi. I focused on providing the training for Performance Nutrition to trainers signed up in India for the course. Its amazing to see the hunger of these young boys and girls to learn more about the human body and its performance.

We  are committed to an active educational and training regime to Trainers across the country. Call us or visit us at to tie-up for a world class training in Nutrition and Supplements.

Check out the video.

If you want to train your staff on performance Nutrition get in touch with us at

October 3, 2007

India's Win at the ASIA CUP- HOCKEY

This time it was a three month activity with the Indian Hockey team and the results played out as per our strategy. Fitness Coach " Prasad Ganguly" and myself redesigned the fitness of the Indian hockey players with a rehydration formula especially designed by me. Along with Aminonutrition and our new strategy of time based fueling we were able to keep the boys in an almost Fatigue free state. Result India had not lost a single Match.

People talk about how ergogenic Aids like BCAA and Glutamine and 6% glucose solution dont work and they are only placebos. Tell a player that after 6 weeks of enhanced performance and he will tell you that no placebo can work that long.

I am now totally convinced on Free form amino acids and the need for Ergogenic Aids.

Check out me and my Team on the CHAK DE INDIA mode!

August 30, 2007

Seminar on Sports Performance Nutrition

The FITNESS One gang of trainers had me enjoying Training them on the salient aspects of Performance Nutrition in the Fitness Industry. We spent two days together and covered topics ranging from Weight Management via Nutrition to Ergogenic aids and their Relevance to Customers joining a Gym.

BODYFUELZ was the sponsor with Fitness one to provide these trainers a World Class Training in Performance Nutrition.

Nutrition not only can work in the sporting Arean but a careful and strategic application in the Fitness Industry can help increase customers awareness on Nutrition not to mention measurable success on the Fitness Goals front. As I say to all the trainers I meet " Its the Input that makes your Output - Eat smarter, Eat Smaller but Stronger, Train even Harder" and to all my fellow Nutritionists and Dieticians in a GYM ...if you ain't running you ain't practicing what you preach.

GOOD LUCK AT FITNESS ONE in creating a revolution!

Yours in Performance


4 Silvers- National aquatic Meet

Adarsh is back. All of 9 years and 37kgs. Six months ago he was at 31 kgs and slow. He broke all Tamil Nadu records at won the most medals on his team in his age category.

His secret is a Performance Nutrition Strategy which I have carefully constructed using Olympic standards. Results they say are what you are measured on!

I leave you to Watch this space to see how a Winning Edge can be provided using Nutrition Performance. Expect this boy to win the Gold next year.

Yours in Performance


June 22, 2007

Challenger Trophy and the Nutrition Test

Its been a while since I had time to pen down a few lines. Been travelling across the country and found that sports is indeed getting a keener focus in terms of coaches and Infrastructure.

I recently met the Hockey Coach in Bangalore, Joe Carvalho, and I found a Strong note in this gentleman. This guy is bringing back a medal from the Olympics for us. The boys on the Indian Hockey team are so good, its only time before they take off.

As you know I hate all pompous dietitians who say supplements are not required and if proof is in eating the pudding well, the Indian Hockey team has just been presented with a new system of Nutrition delivery during the game via a 6 % osmotic delivery system, where the sugar is delivered in a measured form to deliver maximum up to of glucose into the body without an insulin spike. We have bio-engineered a 5:1 sodium to potassium Electrolyte Ratio coupled with a few vitamins for performance.

I guess the test is on and the Challenger cup in Germany this week will let us know.

Keep reading as I am working with the Military Indian Triathlon Team for the World Military Games and if you think Nutrition in the form of Ergogenic Aids are not required then stay in your white lab coat and CCP ( Cut copy paste ) diets from your outdated text books for diabetic patients.

Will be back and oh! Adarsh just won three golds at the Tamil Nadu aquatic meet. He's nine years old and on a special Performance based Diet.

Got to run, my 8 pm appointment with the treadmill awaits.

February 21, 2007

Sports Performance in Shooting

Rohit Singh or "Ronnie" to all his clients is professional friend in my field. Why Professional, well he is a friend in the most professional way. I met him two years ago in Delhi. He is a sports Trainer and in my opinion India's best sports Trainer and performance Nutritionist. I like him because he has no ego and goes about his Job as a professional. And thats the reason I work with Guys like him is because Athletes tend to have too hard an ego once they get good!!

He trains Major Rathore and I wont be surprised if they get the Gold back at the Beijing Olympics. But enough said about them. Let me tell you about one of my personal counsellings With Vikram Bhatnagar. Great Guy. Commonwealth Gold!!! Normal Guy. No performance Nutrition. He want me to change is Diet to suit his lifestyle......Well I tried to first understand this budding sport so here goes......

In most sports today, the gap between 1st, 2nd and 3rd places is often in the region of hundredths of a second or perhaps one or two tenths of a percentage point. So what makes one person a winner and another a runner up? Most athletes train very hard and if you were to measure the physical characteristics of, let’s say two top 100 meter sprinters, you would probably find that they were of approximately equal strength, flexibility, stamina, etc. And if they weren't, a good coach would identify the differences and then institute a training programme that would address the particular issues.

So what makes one a consistent winner and the other consistently in 2nd place? Sports Sciences are the key to answering this question and by applying the correct sports science, improvements in performance can be found in many areas.

In pistol shooting, the most critical area of performance is the athlete's (shooters) mental abilities. Imagine giving a world champion shooter an out of the box gun, they'd probably still score far higher than most of us could in our dreams. Imagine then giving a novice shooter the best gun on earth, and I'm sure you will see that the equipment is only a small part of the equation.
Mental skills and mental skills training are often looked upon with suspicion by athletes who think there must be something wrong with them if they need to use Sport Psychology to improve their performance, but this is only a broad term to describe things like goal setting, relaxation training, visualization, anxiety control, focusing, activation levels, etc. Are you one of those people who can perform superbly at your home club in practice matches, but loose the plot when you go to big competitions? Sport Psychology can help you by developing skills to control your anxiety, get you properly prepared for competition, help you develop routines for use in practice which will then follow on to competition, leading of course to an improved performance.

There are of course many other aspects of Sport Sciences, which can help you improve your performance, and if each aspect gives you a small increase in score, then overall you may make significant gains. This might be all the difference between 1st and 2nd place.
Biomechanics is the study of the movement of the human body and can be used to make sure that you are moving in the most appropriate manner to achieve the optimal performance possible, to minimize the risks of injury and to utilize muscle to its best possible advantage. ISSF shooters require a precise knowledge of the human skeleton and musculature in order to achieve a physical posture that can be maintained for several hours without undue stress, which of course leads to reduced performance. The key is knowing what to do and why.
Nutrition is a factor that plays a large part in shooting performance, and what and how you eat before and during a competition can have a large impact on your final score. For example, how well do you shoot half an hour after lunch, or what happens if you have a fatty Tandoori Chicken for lunch?
Along with food factors, there is also the hydration issue. When you feel thirsty, you are already up to 10% dehydrated, and one of the first parts of your body to loose fluid is your eyeballs. As you can probably guess, our eyesight is critical in shooting sports and anything that affects our vision is going to affect our performance. But, taking a drink of water has an effect on our physiology, usually with increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, etc and this can have a short term effect on performance, especially in a precision sport like shooting. So how to stay hydrated without the physiological response? Take very little sips often. Better to be slightly over hydrated than dehydrated. There are dozens of nutritional issues for shooters, and you can work many of them out for yourself, or you can speed the process up by consulting an expert. Of course you may have to pay for the expert, but when you offset that against the cost of years of experimentation, you may find it worthwhile in the long run.

Coaching science, Exercise physiology and Injury rehabilitation are all areas of sports sciences which you can utilize to improve your performance, assuming of course that you do want better scores. And if you're happy with your shooting ability, but want to increase your enjoyment of your sport, and then sport sciences can also help, as what happens in sport often closely mirrors what happens in life. For example if you learn to cope with competitive stress in sport, then that ability will help you cope with stress in life. Conversely, if you need to set goals in life, such as loosing weight, sport sciences can help, and those skills gained will be equally valid in sport. However you look at it, the use of sport sciences can help you, both in life and sport, and I hope this brief introduction will encourage some of you to look outside the square of what you are doing now and to use the knowledge that is available to improve the quality of whatever it is that you may want to change.
In all AMINONUTRITION is the latest in sporting science and I highly recommend every athlete, whether physical or mental domination is the name of his game to try out pure free form amino acids to boost their mental alertness during grueling events. One of the most important amino acids in mental focus during intensive exercise is the Branched Chain Amino Acids - BCAA. BCAA’s comprise of almost 35- 40 % of muscle mass and science today has found that delivery of these amino acids along with other ergogenic amino acids during any sporting activity are the key to delivering a performance of the highest Caliber.
Although I am not part of the shooting fraternity I did watch the Olympics closely and understood that the game demands a huge amount of Muscle strength and Co-ordination during prolonged competition rounds. I tried this at home. I took a heavy pipe and held it up for 30 secs then put it down. I then proceeded to do this about a hundred times over an Hour. By the end of Twenty minutes my shoulders and Forearm were shaking in an aftershock of Lactic acid build up.
Ah! The proverbial Lactic ACID phenomena. One may ask how this affects a game where mental focus is the only avenue of precision development.
Well sports science has an answer. When you use your muscles in any activity no matter what the sports the physical activity causes a drop of amino acids in the Blood. This increases the Tryptophan level (another Amino acids). One can say that Tryptophan is the Bad Guy and it enters the Brain to produce a hormone called Serotonin which in turns causes fatigue and tiredness. Warm milk is an excellent source of Tryptophan and causes one to sleep easier. Remember the Grandmother advising a glass of milk before Bed.
However Tryptophan increase in an athlete during training and competition can be reduced by increasing BCAA’s content in the blood. Free form amino acids are the best way as they enter the Bloodstream within 15- 20 minutes of consumption.
In today’s world the right quality and the right type of nutrition will help an athlete go from Bronze to Gold!!


The World Junior Squash Challenge

Six months ago I set out to change the performance Nutrition with a budding set of under 13's or so players in a strategic game called Squash. Under the guidance of Major Maniam and Cyrus at the National Squash Academy in Chennai, I sat with 15 or so terror Kids. Brats but determined brats.

I like to call Suash a strategic game because its one game that is so fast, that unless your a thinker you cant win.

Well, Taking 13 year old kids and asking them to refrain from burgers and pizza and coke was a huge challenge. Let alone asking them to think and play

Well what Did I do.....I taught them the superman Technique.....Kyrpnonite and his weakness went hand in hand. I taught them that Coke and performance nutrition if not timed right was their Weakness.

We also worked on increasing their amino acids intake during performance with a6 % solution. Coach Cyrus Poncha, A brilliant person at heart was all for getting these youngsters a shot in the arm. High protein, high complex carbs and not to mention a regime that included ten hours of sleep for recovery.

Some of these kids were going through 4500 calories per day. Vitamins and minerals are not supplemented and so we had to convince mothers that supplements are not medicines but concentrated foods that help such challenged children work harder at their game without being bother as to why they are getting tired......

Ever Heard of VITAMIN B deficiency....yeah yeah BERI BERI...all the dietitians go...... That's a load of B******t! To me its called MUMMY I am feeling tired I don't want to play!!!!

Will talk more later, but just for laughs Zaheer is back on the team.....the same guy that uses Aminonutrition for his comeback 3 years ago and is still using Aminonutrition during his training and game performances.

I am laughing all the way to the Bank..... My phone just received a missed call" says restricted Number " . Guess I know who's calling.


some stuff I use on athletes..... ( HA like I would publish it here!!)

Yours in performance Nutrition

February 16, 2007

Engine blowout on the circuit

I was watching the National games at Assam last night on television. The national records are a comparison of the Maruti 800 to an Alfa Romeo of the same size.

I wonder, do our coaches realise that something is wrong. Well, even if they do then I think most of them are old farts clinging on to their Jobs.

Being in the field of Sports Nutrition for the last three years and seriously travelling the country meeting coaches and talking to them about performance Nutrition....well Boy!!! Do you meet a bunch of jokers.

Viren R the hockey player is a classic example of a the Coaches syndrome!!! The guy is good and I have seen him run and train....and the coaches say he is not good.

EGO and politics. Well if I had my way then I get all these old fuddy duddies a retirement home in Darjeeling where they can sip chai and ask the Tea worker to try their archaic model of training,

Anyways I write more out of frustration that these guys do not focus on Nutrition........ forget performance nutrition but basic Nutrition of 6 meals a day in an athletic programme.

I will be trying to post a molecule a week and how say stuff like glucose or HMB or Argenine gives you that killer performance.

Best of all Nutrition can improve your performance by at least 20% if your a new inductee into my world. If your a veteran...definite 2-5% change is visible.

Remember ....if you only follow the herd will be cattle food at the end of the day ...not the STUD!!

February 14, 2007

Credentials in the Sport Nutrition Arena

Its been a while since I got pissed with the Indian system of bending over backwards to adulate the white skin when it visits our country. Everyday I see the "firangs' being worshipped in the arena of sports for their knoweldge of sports performance.

Well ranting and Raving dont help, but I am writing this blog on behalf of NUTRITION and specifically A WORD I love using PERFORMANCE NUTRITION

I personally would like to say that a few commonwealth medal winners have been personally counselled by me but then...beating the drum is getting last century.

If you want to WIN for India and you want your SPORTS NUTRITION diet plan to help you get there.....

GET in touch with me. ********************

I  charge a premium and I dont waste my time on losers so you'd have to already be winning.

Oh ! On credentials..... Two Masters Degrees in Biochemistry and Food Biotechnology should have me telling you that I can put legal stuff in you that will make you want to smash those records....

Be safe