September 16, 2011

September 14, 2011

Sometimes an Active life is just not Enough!

An Indian Solider Has an active lifestyle. Then why is a latest survey done on Army Soliders saying they are overweight and with Cholesterol Problems. Watch my Video to realise that maybe DIET is the key to living healthy.

September 6, 2011

Hydration strategies for a Tennis player- What should you be Drinking and how much?

The tennis training diet should be focused on high-energy foods and appropriate hydration, timed appropriately before and after multiple competitions. The following guidelines help develop successful nutrition and hydration practices for players. 

Beverages and foods that count toward daily water intake 

• BEST: water, fitness waters, sport beverages, club soda, mineral water, and flavored water 

• Very good: 100% fruit juices, lemonade, tomato and vegetable juices, low fat milk 

• Good: raw fruits and vegetables 

• So-so: soft drinks (diet soft drinks in moderation), decaffeinated coffee, yogurt 

• Not so helpful: caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea, soda) and alcoholic beverages act as diuretics and do not count toward water intake 

Why a Tennis Player should Invest in a Customised Sports Nutrition Program?

Mastering the execution of topnotch tennis tips are constantly on the minds of most competitive tennis players. What is the main factor that motivates athletes to consistently strive for perfection?
The answer is simple is their 'Will to Win'.
Serious tennis competitors are always seeking the 'edge' or the 'niche' that will separate them from their opponents.
Staying ahead of the competition is of utmost importance to them and failure is not an option.
Is that a bit too extreme? I know, but...
...the truth is that tennis tips are valuable pointers for all levels of tennis.
Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an advance player capitalizing on top notch tennis tips can significantly impact and enhance the foundation of your tennis skills and techniques.

Nutrition is an avenue that is thoroughly missed... whether on purpose or unknowingly, its something we can now help you fix.

Why Investing in a Nutritionist- IS WORTH MORE THAN GOLD ?

In this video, I explain the reasons you should be worried about the way you eat and why investing in a good nutritionist is the way forward.