August 30, 2007

Seminar on Sports Performance Nutrition

The FITNESS One gang of trainers had me enjoying Training them on the salient aspects of Performance Nutrition in the Fitness Industry. We spent two days together and covered topics ranging from Weight Management via Nutrition to Ergogenic aids and their Relevance to Customers joining a Gym.

BODYFUELZ was the sponsor with Fitness one to provide these trainers a World Class Training in Performance Nutrition.

Nutrition not only can work in the sporting Arean but a careful and strategic application in the Fitness Industry can help increase customers awareness on Nutrition not to mention measurable success on the Fitness Goals front. As I say to all the trainers I meet " Its the Input that makes your Output - Eat smarter, Eat Smaller but Stronger, Train even Harder" and to all my fellow Nutritionists and Dieticians in a GYM ...if you ain't running you ain't practicing what you preach.

GOOD LUCK AT FITNESS ONE in creating a revolution!

Yours in Performance


4 Silvers- National aquatic Meet

Adarsh is back. All of 9 years and 37kgs. Six months ago he was at 31 kgs and slow. He broke all Tamil Nadu records at won the most medals on his team in his age category.

His secret is a Performance Nutrition Strategy which I have carefully constructed using Olympic standards. Results they say are what you are measured on!

I leave you to Watch this space to see how a Winning Edge can be provided using Nutrition Performance. Expect this boy to win the Gold next year.

Yours in Performance