November 18, 2011

Walking Burns More Fat than Running!

In this Video you learn how a Waist size could be the start of your DYING. Diabetes and Hypertension today are easily measured by waist Size. The are a few good Nutrition Tips that may help you start. Additionally I talk about how WALKING burns more FAT than running. TO loose weight, Drop your waist size, reduce your risk of Diabetes is all blended in this Video....If you love yourself go ahead and share this video with all your friends & loved ones.

November 15, 2011

1 in 5 are Killed because of Nutrition SUICIDE!!!

1 in 5 Indians are susceptible to Diabetes or Hypertension. Active Interventions of Lifestyle and Nutrition Management will save you. A three min video that will convince you to Change the way you think..CHANGE THE WAY YOU EAT IS THE NEXT STEP!