April 11, 2013

Genetic testing for Kids - How can diet help after knowing

At QUA NUTRITION the Kids Einstein Program just kicked off. The latest in Genetic Testing and Nutrition planning to give your Child the edge in a fast paced world. Harness the potential of genetics and know how to feed your kid and steer them in the perfect manner without any guess work.

Our Plan starts at Rs 30,000 which involves the Genetic test along with Nutrition planning for 3 months. Here the parents and the child is guided on the best choices to enhance growth, height, Memory, and other abilities. Special attention is paid to the child in terms of making him or her understand her genetic pre-disposition and how the individual, whatever the age can make intelligent choices to an enhanced living. This gives any child an edge in today's world.

A view of the Gene test of QUA KIDS EINSTEIN PLAN

If your a smart parent you will figure out how to call us. Hint: See the board above and call us to know more.

Or Click here to hear from us now : Genetic testing for Kids

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