April 28, 2013

Nutrigenomics Testing - Can you predict your Kids future smartness and fitness!

The latest in Genetic Testing and Nutrition planning to give your Child the edge in a fast paced world. Harness the potential of genetics and know how to feed your kid and steer them in the perfect manner without any guess work. Planning for a kid’s nutrition is very crucial and should be an important aspect of each child’s growth & development. Along with developing healthy eating habits early in life it is important to ensure that kids are eating right for their body type, getting the nutrients they need for their age. With advances in science, today the Complete Nutrigenomic Scan provides scientifically advanced recommendations on diet, nutrition, exercise and weight related health conditions specific for your child’s genes. Combining these recommendations with the expertise of a nutritionist is the best investment you can make for your child. Our expert nutritionists discover the right formula to fuel your child’s growth through providing the right nutrients in balanced meals - making a big difference to their overall health and well-being. Email me ryan@quanutrition.com or call 080 3232 9292 or click here and book a test. The Kids Discovery plan is Rs 15,000 & Kids Einstein Rs 30,000. This include proper nutrition and supplement guidelines for life.

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