March 26, 2013

WEIGHT LOSS Made Lighter!

A three part series video at the TIMES OF INDIA - EMPOWERING WOMEN, where I contribute a few pointers to women on weight loss and how we can help at the QUA NUTRITION CLINIC.

I do hope these three videos will inspire women around India to know that its never too late to get healthier. Nutrition is lead by women at home. Watch this 30 mins. You may be inspired to start a change. If you do, please do leave a comment for others to be motivated or call us to help us motivate you.

 I DO HOPE I CAN CHANGE THE WAY YOU AND YOUR FAMILY EAT for a HEALTHIER YOU !!! CALL 080 3232 9292 to speak with my dietitians in India. International clients ( we work via skype) call +91 97 4343 0000 or email me at

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