April 22, 2013

SECRET NUTRITION for Kids! The how, what, when and why of eating food when your kid is playing?

I never get tired of talking at seminars. I never get awed by what I do. I get tired at the least to answer queries. I get paid to do what I love all the time. But most of the time its my job to educate people on nutrition. Sometimes I grumble, Most of the time I act Arrogant! Sorry!

All of it changed when I delivered a 60 min lecture to 50 kids. I got goose bumps. Orphans were present.....I had to think.....remove " MUMMY DADDY" from the equation when a dish had to be prepared. I had to think like 12 year old.....YUCK!!! instead of gross!!!

Life has its moments....I think I met a few future Olympic potential players.  It feels good. I feel inspired. Inspired that the world is changing and asking us to change...

The Videos are long but hopefully your kids may get motivated....

 This had to be the best MONDAY morning start in my entire career!

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