April 30, 2013

Swimmers need advanced SPORTS NUTRITION

An eye-opener for swimmers on why you should invest in a good nutrition plan for your swim performance. A good nutritionist will take into account your culture, genetics, blood chemistry and training loads to guide you on an eating strategy that will help increase your performance, eneregy and recovery. Our Nutrition programs make a difference to your swim performance. Roshan Uday one of India's brightest star swimmers is a huge believer in proper nutrition. Every parent is confused whats best for their kids in terms of nutrition and supplements. Watch this video too to really convince yourself. If after this video you decide not to invest in a sports nutrition, then your really short sighted! CALL 080 3232 9292 to book a plan. Alternatively SMS 974343 0000 with the statement " SPORTS NUTRITION PLAN for SWIMMER!" and our sports nutritionist will call you back.

April 28, 2013

Nutrigenomics Testing - Can you predict your Kids future smartness and fitness!

The latest in Genetic Testing and Nutrition planning to give your Child the edge in a fast paced world. Harness the potential of genetics and know how to feed your kid and steer them in the perfect manner without any guess work. Planning for a kid’s nutrition is very crucial and should be an important aspect of each child’s growth & development. Along with developing healthy eating habits early in life it is important to ensure that kids are eating right for their body type, getting the nutrients they need for their age. With advances in science, today the Complete Nutrigenomic Scan provides scientifically advanced recommendations on diet, nutrition, exercise and weight related health conditions specific for your child’s genes. Combining these recommendations with the expertise of a nutritionist is the best investment you can make for your child. Our expert nutritionists discover the right formula to fuel your child’s growth through providing the right nutrients in balanced meals - making a big difference to their overall health and well-being. Email me ryan@quanutrition.com or call 080 3232 9292 or click here and book a test. The Kids Discovery plan is Rs 15,000 & Kids Einstein Rs 30,000. This include proper nutrition and supplement guidelines for life.

How to get my kids to Eat fruits?

The easiest way to get kids to eat fruit is to chop it up.

At QUA NUTRITION we are advising parents to have their children eat more fruits. When we do an advanced genetic test we are realizing that certain vitamins GENE receptors are deficient and so sometimes we have to educate the child on eating the fruits even if they hate fruits. It's amazing to see how our kids after an adult conversation begin to make the decision to include fruits in their diet.

To get a GENETIC SWAB done for your KID call 080 3232 9292 to speak to a Nutritionist to help your kid along life.

April 24, 2013

'ARYAN' has a pinch of A Ryan in both the actors!

Shivaraj Kumar or Shivrajkumar (born Putta Swamy on 12 July 1962) is an Indian film actor, producer, playback singer, philanthropist and television presenter best known for his work in Kannada cinema.[1] He is the eldest son of the Kannada thespian actor Dr. Rajkumar. His latest movie " Aryan" has started shooting where my client plays a coach. At this point we are bulking him with a 3000 calorie diet. His supplement strategy involves the best of natural supplements and organic foods. His Co-star Ramya on the other hand is on a weight loss program to look fitter as the athlete in the movie.

Secrets to Eating/Exercising for Burning Fat

Contours Gyms are the second largest chain of women gyms in the world. Their Circuit training philosphy is perfect to jumpstart your metabolism. I was invited to talk to women on changing the way they eat for better performance in this gym. My two videos may give you some perfect tips including 5 FAT BURNING foods and at what heart rate should you workout at. WHEN WORKING OUT DONT WORK OUT TOO MUCH! Watch and undersand so your working out right and eating right. To book an appointment with a dietitian/Nutritionist call 080 3232 9292 or email me at ryan@quanutrition.com or book an appointment directly by clicking here BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

April 22, 2013

SECRET NUTRITION for Kids! The how, what, when and why of eating food when your kid is playing?

I never get tired of talking at seminars. I never get awed by what I do. I get tired at the least to answer queries. I get paid to do what I love all the time. But most of the time its my job to educate people on nutrition. Sometimes I grumble, Most of the time I act Arrogant! Sorry!

All of it changed when I delivered a 60 min lecture to 50 kids. I got goose bumps. Orphans were present.....I had to think.....remove " MUMMY DADDY" from the equation when a dish had to be prepared. I had to think like 12 year old.....YUCK!!! instead of gross!!!

Life has its moments....I think I met a few future Olympic potential players.  It feels good. I feel inspired. Inspired that the world is changing and asking us to change...

The Videos are long but hopefully your kids may get motivated....

 This had to be the best MONDAY morning start in my entire career!

April 18, 2013

Nutrition Secrets were behind a leading India cricketers 185 runs! The highest Indian test debut.

Okay, if your going to play a long game super hydrate 1hr before play. Previous night beetroot and orange juice 500 ml. Day of match, morning 28 gms whey protein. Bat more than 50 runs, any break ask for fast charge or Gatorade with 10 gms glutamine. 3 gms BCAA, post hundred do this blah ! Blah!
Lunch and dinner was advised too. A day later an SMS said "Thanks bro, your advice helped". 185 runs  on a test debut, the highest total ever by an Indian.
Tonight a leading Indian Opener became my celebrity client. Down to earth. His wife is an awesome athlete too and eating in this couple just got leaner!
Like Robin Uthappa loosing 14 KGS of fat since the last IPL, our sport clients are patient with sports nutrition and the discipline that come's with the Ryan Qua plan.
If you want a plan email me at ryan@quanutrition.com. 

April 17, 2013

Skipping Rope helps control hunger

Start jumping rope to reduce hunger pangs. However if you are extremely over weight do not jump rope as you could damage your knees.
Do about 100 skips two times a day. Land soft on yr toes and make sure no fans or light bulbs are above you.
Get an advance nutrition plan with your exercise plan to go. Call +91 9743430000 India only to counsel.

April 14, 2013

Best ...should be hanged for this misleading AD

Can you tell me what's wrong with this picture.
Correct comments will get a complimentary body assessment at our clinic in Bangalore or CHENNAI.

April 11, 2013

Genetic testing for Kids - How can diet help after knowing

At QUA NUTRITION the Kids Einstein Program just kicked off. The latest in Genetic Testing and Nutrition planning to give your Child the edge in a fast paced world. Harness the potential of genetics and know how to feed your kid and steer them in the perfect manner without any guess work.

Our Plan starts at Rs 30,000 which involves the Genetic test along with Nutrition planning for 3 months. Here the parents and the child is guided on the best choices to enhance growth, height, Memory, and other abilities. Special attention is paid to the child in terms of making him or her understand her genetic pre-disposition and how the individual, whatever the age can make intelligent choices to an enhanced living. This gives any child an edge in today's world.

A view of the Gene test of QUA KIDS EINSTEIN PLAN

If your a smart parent you will figure out how to call us. Hint: See the board above and call us to know more.

Or Click here to hear from us now : Genetic testing for Kids

Teenager genetic test to know if your child will be a smoker

At Qua Nutrition we are helping parents predict whether their child has a genetic pre-disposition to smoking.
Exercise helps those already smoking and trying to kick the butt as seen in this article in Times of India. Call 080 3232 9292 to know about diet and the Genetic test.
Our counselors will help align your teenagers nutrition pattern in addition to make them aware of the dangers of smoking.

April 4, 2013

Spinning a new Mantra - Performance Nutrition for Harbhajan Singh

In a spin bowlers diet it is crucial to maintain the balance of proteins and carbs. The main issue is that there are spurts of activity during bowling spells and long rest periods in test matches to shorts spells in the T 20 format. Players like Harbhajan Singh today are opting to change the way they eat for performance on the field. We fielded 5 questions from the fiery spinner 1. What do I need to eat to remain fit or get fitter? 2. Should I eat heavy pre game? 3. Whats a better option Milk or Curd? 4. How soon should I eat after a match and what should it be? 5. Give me five super foods I can eat that will help me rover between T 20 games?

Before and during the cricket season, there are several important dietary considerations for teenage cricketers to manage. These include:
• optimising growth and development
• including adequate carbohydrate, protein and healthy fats in your daily diet
• organising quick, healthy low fat meals and snacks to maintain energy levels
• minimise snacking on less healthy foods during periods of reduced activity
• maintain a healthy body weight appropriate to your size
• ensuring sufficient fluid intake to maintain adequate hydration

Watch this video to know more on supplements in Crciket

We are answering all in a CUSTOMISED NUTRITION PLAN at QUA NUTRITION for Harbhajan. Eating is a science when it comes to Sports Performance and the game of cricket is changing into a Hungry one!! Just EAT IT! is what I say! Ryan Fernando NUTRITION COACH to Harbhajan Singh

To enrol in a Cricket DIET PLAN for your kid call  Pan India. Internationall +91 9743430000