April 18, 2013

Nutrition Secrets were behind a leading India cricketers 185 runs! The highest Indian test debut.

Okay, if your going to play a long game super hydrate 1hr before play. Previous night beetroot and orange juice 500 ml. Day of match, morning 28 gms whey protein. Bat more than 50 runs, any break ask for fast charge or Gatorade with 10 gms glutamine. 3 gms BCAA, post hundred do this blah ! Blah!
Lunch and dinner was advised too. A day later an SMS said "Thanks bro, your advice helped". 185 runs  on a test debut, the highest total ever by an Indian.
Tonight a leading Indian Opener became my celebrity client. Down to earth. His wife is an awesome athlete too and eating in this couple just got leaner!
Like Robin Uthappa loosing 14 KGS of fat since the last IPL, our sport clients are patient with sports nutrition and the discipline that come's with the Ryan Qua plan.
If you want a plan email me at ryan@quanutrition.com. 

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