August 2, 2009

Qua Nutrition - Why and What does it mean?

Welcome to the world of Eating and Knowing yourself. I decided to take my Olympic level consultancy expertise to the next level and decided to start a Performance Nutrition advisory and consultancy firm called QUA NUTRITION.

For many years I have been a scrabble fanatic and knew that QUA was one of the shortest Q letter words. I have used this word in conversations only to have people ponder " what did you say?".

The english dictionary meaning is as; as being; in the character or capacity of. Its origin is from Latin from qui, "who."

I think this is the most appropriate TITLE for a customized Scientific Nutrition Plan. Nutrition is what you eat, and you become what you Eat!!! Performance Nutrition is the same QUA.....Nutrition.

At QUA NUTRITION our vision will be to move the world to Eating for performance whether your an Athlete, a CEO, a film star or just like me looking to win everyday.

May the QUA be with you!

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