July 1, 2009

Quantum Biofeedback and Nutritional Planning

Quantum Biofeedback is the science of Quantum energy in every atom in the universe. Every cell in your body is made up of elements and they are maintained to deliver a life force to your body. Very simple, if every atom in your body is in constant change through breakdown and replenishment, then the Nutrition you take will govern the way the Quantum energy in your body reacts.

Well I just started my own test on myself and the prognosis was mind blowing. I have now recommended the test to over 50 people in the last few days. Adarsh ( the swimmer who is my prodigy) and Ms Shammu, a future Kollywood star both were tested through the BIOFEEDBACK machine. The immediate result now helps me plan a more scientific and accurate nutritional and enhancement Supplementation regime.

If you want to know if your a Ferrari running on Kerosene then this is the way to change your life. Get tested and then plan your exercise, diet and supplementation.

I plan to alter my metabolism to get rid of those headaches, and the constant stomach tenderness that I seem to have. Adarsh is going to be a National Record holder and Shammu is gonna get so glamorous, she's going to be even more Hot than Bipasha Basu. Bips look out, the Stars are now with me.

Call me on +91 99 00009080 and I will help you get the test done. apparently even cancer patients benefits. The only downside its about 3-5 thousand for a test. But worth every Paisa.

Time to Get Quantaminised...

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