August 28, 2009

MEAT -o- Maniac !!! Meats that you can eat on a weight loss programme

Well if your reading my blog for the first time, I request you to go back to the last few issues so that you may understand this Diet I am talking about. The NEGATIVE Calorie Diet. In continuation to a series on this diet I have now listed Meats...yes MEATS.....

My Favorite in my diet recommendations is TUNA and CRAB.

Well searching for a list of Meats in Negative Calorie Zone was difficult. Here is the list.

Bass (fresh water/sea), King fish, Catfish, Clams (cooked),Cod Steaks, Crab, Frog legs, Mussels, Oysters (half shell), Shrimp, Trout, Tuna

So now we have Fruits, Vegetables and Meats. How about a TUNA SALAD to weight loss.

I just made the most awesome dish, Boiled egg whites 2 nos, Sprouts, Finely chopped Spring onions, Spoon of Tuna, Some onions, Tomatoes finely chopped, Pepper ( natural Fat burner) loads it. Whip everything to a paste and apply on brown bread or chapati.. Try this as a power snack in your weight loss program.

May the QUA be with you!!!

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