August 9, 2009

Negative Calorie Diet - How can it help you loose fat in a small way!

Negative Calories. What are they?

Negative Calorie foods have what we will refer to as a negative calorie effect. To give you an idea of what that means, we'll go through the process. You eat an apple. The apple you consume has 80 calories however, your body's chemical processing, digestion and breakdown of that apple causes you to burn off 100 calories thus, your negative calorie effect is -20 calories. Can you see the implications of a diet based on this premise? My nex few blogs will talk about the negative calorie foods that you can choose to insert in your diet. You will see that a lower calorie intake will make you feel lighter, less hungry and combined with a workout programme, the shedding of Fat will begin.

As I'm sure you already know, most people that go on diets are not successful in their quest. This usually breaks down to one simple human behavior. DISCIPLINE. That's right, most of us do not have the kind of discipline it takes to succeed. From the moment you start reading this
blog, I want you to start talking to your inner being about your discipline. For some of you, it'll be a short discussion. For the rest of us, it'll be an ongoing argument! Today is the day to start building your discipline. How good is your word? Do you make good on your promises? Well, now's the time to give your word to yourself. Make good on your new promise to yourself to have the discipline it takes to succeed.

Start slow. Think about it for a few days. Visualize what sacrifices you're about to make for the next week or two. Tell yourself that it isn't for the rest of your life. Explain to yourself why
you want to succeed this time. Explain to yourself why it's important.
Come on, we all know how to persuade someone when we really want to, don't we? When it's really important, right? Now it's time to use that particular skill on you.
I want you to approach this new diet differently than you have in the past. Don't moan and groan. Smile. It's easy. Just look in the mirror and do it! Cool, huh? No, this time you need to ease into the idea of losing weight.

DO NOT read this blog and start today.

Do not read this blog today and start tomorrow.

Read it through at least a couple of times. Go over the information that means the most to you even more. Talk to yourself. Go to the store and LOOK at the food you're going to start eating. Pick it up. Touch it. Smell it. Think about it. Learn about it. Most important of all, relax!

I've found that for myself, it's very helpful to write down your desired results in the form of a goal. That's right, write it down. Give yourself three months to achieve it. Don't make an impossible goal, but make it a challenging one. Now don't get me wrong. You're going to be losing a lot of weight in the next week or two. We'll get more into that later as well.

What's really nice about this diet are the results! Yes, I said results! As you progress and achieve results, sticking to the diet is even more easy, and your self-discipline soars! Funny how that works, isn't it? But isn't really human nature?

Start with the time and date. Then put down what you're thinking on paper. Ask yourself questions and answer them. Write them down too. The more you discuss your new endeavor with yourself, the more chance you have at success. Who's your best friend? It better be you! You NEED you!

The Negative Calorie Diet is not intended as a replacement for long-term eating habits. The Negative Calorie Diet is not appropriate for children or teenagers. The Negative Calorie Diet is not intended to be a replacement for medical advice. If you are on medication, have a medical condition, or pregnant, PLEASE consult your doctor BEFORE going on this or any weight-loss program. Should you decide that you want to increase your physical activity, again please consult your doctor. This is for your safety!

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