August 5, 2009

A Fat loss Secret- Start Small and then change the way you eat

Close your Fist right now!

Look at it.

What size do you see?

This is the ideal portion serving for an individual. People look amazed when I tell this that this is the first secret to weight loss. Portion control was never more simplified.

When you next serve yourself, Make a fist above your food and compare that with the serving you have taken. If your fist is larger, your safe. If your food looks a little larger in serving....start count the calories to a larger waist line.

Many people find this crazy at first but if you eat six small fist portions a day, your waist will be Wasted!!!

So the next meal you serve remember the QUA in you ( capacity of). Its all in your Hand literally!!!

Bon Appetite or should I say " You got the whole food In your Hands"!

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