November 14, 2012

You will DIE 6 years earlier because Of DIABETES that starts during middle age

I am Middle Aged and scared. My father has mild sugar issues. He still eats sweets like a Kid. I am scared because beyond a certain age I cannot change my behaviour...So I started early... Early at the age of 37 eating right and hiring a personal trainer to discipline my workouts.

Let say I will live to the Age of 70. With Diabetes I will die at 63. At that age my financial advisor has indicated that I would be earning around Rs1.6 crores per annum. So if I conk off earlier I stand to loose about 10 crores, rather my family. Forget about LOVE and PAIN......lets focus on the money part.

Why Money??  Well today I spend 6000Rs on supplements, 6000 on a trainer, 2500 on a gym membership. These are the direct costs. As per my financial advisor the cost over 30 years is less than 1 crore......

Now living at 63,64,65,66, 67, 68, 69, 70 the way I want too...DIABETIC free I think from a money point is worth it....

I am not a DIABETIC! but I think this mail is for those of my friends who sail in the same boat as me....a family history of Inheritance...not of money but of BAD HEALTH....

We charge Rs 10,000 for a PREVENTION PLAN.....100 days of guidance with the best Nutritionists advising you step by step, with calls, emails, counselings,  nutrition charts, receipes and if your lucky a visit to the grocery store with you and your loved one on whats good and whats not! This then works for life....

Please do call me on 080 3232 9292 and speak to us on why we WANT YOU TO INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH via Nutrition.....

The above 6 years shorter lifespan is pulled from the below article featured in

Individuals who develop diabetes during middle age have an average lifespan six years shorter than other people, researchers from the University of Cambridge, England, revealed in the New England Journal of Medicine after carrying out a major, multinational study, involving over 250 scientists from 25 nations.

We already know that diabetes doubles the risk of some life-threatening diseases, such as strokes and heart attacks. However, this study showed that several other diseases are more likely to affect people with diabetes, including infections and cancer.

Diabetes affects almost 285 million people globally. The authors said that their study highlights the importance of preventing diabetes.

Researchers from the Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration gathered data on 820,900 individuals. They were all carefully monitored for approximately one decade. After taking into account major risk factors, such as smoking, age, and sex, they found that patients with diabetes had a higher chance of dying from various forms of cancer, mental illnesses, infections, and diseases of the lungs, kidneys liver and digestive system.

Most of the shortened life expectancy comes from strokes, heart attacks and other blood vessel diseases, the authors explained. Only a small number of links were explained by hypertension (high blood pressure, high blood lipid levels or obesity - conditions which commonly exist with diabetes II patients.

About 60 per cent of the reduced life expectancy in people with diabetes is attributable to blood vessel diseases (such as heart attacks and strokes), with the remainder attributable to these other conditions. Only a small part of these associations are explained by obesity, blood pressure, or high levels of fat in the blood - conditions which often co-exist with diabetes.

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