November 13, 2012

Offer GOOD NUTRITION as a unique gift this Diwali

Diwali in India is a festive season. The season of gifting is filled with happiness, calories and expanding waist lines. An average Diwali sweet ( Single serving ) is equivalent to 1 hour of WALKING.

This diwali you may share this picture with a loved one. They can call us and YOUR gift to them is that   we will book an appointment for your LOVED one to have 20 minutes with a dietitian via phone.

In this Gift, your loved will get knowledge on what to eat right till new year, how to exercise and 5 fabulous tips on good healthy foods. Additionally we will send them a  document that details all that they can do...

So whats the Catch? There is none. Very few people will really go ahead and Gift or Share this Certificate with their loved one. Also we expect that very few loved one will press the CALL to ACTION button and lift the phone to talk to us.

What we know is for the few who do it, we realise they are the ones truly invested in their health. They are the ones who work out. They are the ones that buy the best cosmetics. They are the ones that buy more fruits everyday! They are ones that believe a NUTRITIONIST is a worthwhile investment.

So for now we are searching for those individuals who believe in Investing in their NUTRITION. And for that, this Certificate will entitle you to a few minutes of Advice that will change your Life.

Happy Diwali


1. Share the Photo from Facebook
2. Call the number and book an appointment based on the dietitians availability( 16 Nov-30 Nov)
3. For your loved one to redeem the voucher, we would check our FB page for your SHARE status to their profile.
4. You may gift the coupon to yourself, provided you post the same to your Profile.

Nutrition Coach at QUA NUTRITION
The Signature Nutrition Clinic.

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