November 8, 2012

How Nutrition helps me record a DECADE Younger?

As a Nutrition Coach, here is my personal testimonial to Nutrition and Exercise; I have to practice what I preach. Eating with a Plan, eating with a goal in mind, Eating to love, Eating to age gracefully and eating to feel like a Million Bucks. At My Clinic I can promise you results. Results to make you younger . I already have 2 Olympic medals and 2 Guinness world records to my credit with Nutrition. But this result is PERSONAL and the most rewarding.

Its something me and my team do everyday. At 37 years of age, I need to convince people double my size and double my age to take up Nutrition to save their lives. For my fellow peers and younger staff, I need to carry the torch on " HOW NUTRITION CAN MAKE YOU YOUNGER".

Last year when I started I had a body fat % of 23 and Metabolic age of 37. A year later, with half a dozen secret techniques in Nutrition and a Trainer who kills me 3 times a week, we reached a Magical figure of Metabolic age of 26 and Fat percentage of 12%.

My metabolic age is 26. ( Its my Birthday Today and 37 years as per my birth certificate)  Astaxanthin...a secret blend I have at my clinic. As a clinical Biochemist and Food Bio technologist I constantly try to push the metabolic understanding of the human body and how nutrition can cheat...YES CHEAT your body into Wellness.

If you want to CHEAT THE CLOCK, call me on +91 9743430000(India/ International) or email me at

For those of you who want to know more and how it happens, this video summaries techniques we use in India at our Clinic.

Chronological age is your age in calendar years. Basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy consumed per unit of time when all environmental factors are considered neutral, the digestive system is in a post-absorptive state (meaning that the digestive system is inactive, which requires about twelve hours of fasting in humans), and the energy expenditure is only sufficient to support normal functioning of the vital organs, the heart, lungs, nervous system, kidneys, liver, intestine, sex organs, muscles, and skin. Formulas for calculating basal metabolic rate take into account age, weight, height, activity level, body fat mass, and lean body mass. 

An individual's metabolic age will vary depending how their calculated basal metabolic rate compares to others of the same chronological age. Metabolic age is a new term used in the health and fitness industry to describe overall fitness and metabolic activity. Examining metabolic age will give insights to the overall level of health and wellness in comparison to those of the same age. Improving personal fitness is a main concern of most health-conscious individuals

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