July 2, 2012

Nutrition for the GYM needs to be customised to your SEX, Muscle and Type of Exercise you Do!


More often than not, the average person under consumes protein, while the average athlete over consumes it.

PREPARE YOUR BODY FOR THE OVERHAUL: Right before the workout, protein is the most critical component as it will prevent the muscle from being broken down for fuel and will stimulate muscle growth and strength gains immediately after the workout. Also required is slow digesting carbohydrate to fuel your workout till the very end. As a sports nutritionist, my favourite pre training food is oatmeal with skim milk.  

POST WORKOUT: Immediately after the workout, refuel your body with fast-digesting protein and carbohydrates. Protein provides your muscles with an immediate source of amino acids for building muscle protein. The carbohydrates will restock your depleted muscle glycogen stores, blunt the release of the catabolic hormone cortisol and will boost your levels of the anabolic hormone insulin. Insulin drives nutrients like glucose, amino acids and even creatine into muscle cells.
In my practice as a sports nutritionist, I often notice that post workout or training, overdosing on animal protein like eggs is a common practice. Ideally one should have a carbohydrate – protein ratio of 3:1 to witness gains in muscle mass. Eg’s: Flavoured yoghurt, Flavoured milk drinks, Fruit Smoothies, Meat/Chicken sandwiches, Breakfast cereal and milk.

EAT FREQUENTLY: Eat every two to three hours to get adequate calories. It keeps your body fuelled, supplies continual amino acids to your muscle fibers, and keeps your metabolism running.

HYDRATE WELL: Getting in plenty of water is critical for strength. Research shows that just a 2% decrease in bodyweight from water loss can significantly decrease muscle strength.

STAY AWAY FROM JUNK FOOD: Candy, chips and french fries can help you meet your additional requirements for energy but they can get you fat. Also, while sugar is good after a workout, it's horrible any other time of day because of insulin. When you boost insulin while you are just sitting around, it encourages fat storage and leads to more hunger and energy lows. A particular problem is high-fructose corn syrup.  Fructose can't be used by the muscles for fuel. So it goes to the liver where it is converted to glycogen. Once the glycogen levels of the liver are full it converts fructose into fat.

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