July 1, 2012

A free Diet Chart - Should you Pay for your Health?

With A team of Dietitians at QUA NUTRITION we are aiming to Change the way people Eat. Is a DIET PLAN worth an investment or should it be FREE OF COST?

I was recently asked why we don't sell any Product along with our Diet Charts. That would be the easiest way to sell a free diet chart which piggybacks on a Product.

In a recent Interview to FORBES India, Ryan Fernando, said "“In the ten years I’ve worked in this space, people always came to me asking for help to get their basic nutrition right.”  
Its never about a your health or your Nutrition getting right but the PUSHING of a product that you may not really require.  Read more: http://forbesindia.com/blog/health/how-to-get-a-diet-plan-for-free/#ixzz1zNpErB1A

Our Question to our readers Would you take a FREE  -  HELMET, UNDERWEAR, EYEWEAR, MATRESS, TIRES, CAR CHILD SEAT, FEEDING BOTTLE ETC, knowning it was being given SECOND HAND and used to you???

Getting your Nutrition in place is about investing in your future health. At QUANUTRITION.COM we deliver customised Nutrition plans across the GLOBE. Our Qualified Nutritionists work with your Culture and your genes, Biochemistry (Visit our site and book an appointment to have our dietitian then mail you details). But none of this specialized Nutrition is free and its untainted by Nutritionists who work for Product companies. Its Charged at a Premium, shouldn't you PAY the best for your BODY. After all your BODY IS A TEMPLE...WORSHIP IT!

A free Diet Chart - Should you Pay for your Health? with Special thanks to http://forbesindia.com/blog/author/nilofer-dsouza/

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