July 9, 2012

NEVER MISS BREAKFAST. ASK your MISSes to make you a Smoothie!

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Never Miss a breakfast. You will die earlier if you do. Your body is in a FAST state from last night. If you dont eat a protein and carb rich breakfast you will cause your body to STORE more FAT....Thats why your getting fatter as you go to work. You miss eating a healthy fat free breakfast.

The above smoothie takes 30 secs to make.  WATER, MILK, CURD 2 tablespoons honey, Strawberry fresh or home made preserve( Strawberries in Sugar and Spices mix to preserve it). Blend with ICE.
Add whey protein 1 tablespoon vanilla flavour.

At 11 am have a cup of Green Tea and RAGI biscuits( brittania) 3 nos.

Your set till Lunch.

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