February 21, 2007

The World Junior Squash Challenge

Six months ago I set out to change the performance Nutrition with a budding set of under 13's or so players in a strategic game called Squash. Under the guidance of Major Maniam and Cyrus at the National Squash Academy in Chennai, I sat with 15 or so terror Kids. Brats but determined brats.

I like to call Suash a strategic game because its one game that is so fast, that unless your a thinker you cant win.

Well, Taking 13 year old kids and asking them to refrain from burgers and pizza and coke was a huge challenge. Let alone asking them to think and play

Well what Did I do.....I taught them the superman Technique.....Kyrpnonite and his weakness went hand in hand. I taught them that Coke and performance nutrition if not timed right was their Weakness.

We also worked on increasing their amino acids intake during performance with a6 % solution. Coach Cyrus Poncha, A brilliant person at heart was all for getting these youngsters a shot in the arm. High protein, high complex carbs and not to mention a regime that included ten hours of sleep for recovery.

Some of these kids were going through 4500 calories per day. Vitamins and minerals are not supplemented and so we had to convince mothers that supplements are not medicines but concentrated foods that help such challenged children work harder at their game without being bother as to why they are getting tired......

Ever Heard of VITAMIN B deficiency....yeah yeah BERI BERI...all the dietitians go...... That's a load of B******t! To me its called MUMMY I am feeling tired I don't want to play!!!!

Will talk more later, but just for laughs Zaheer is back on the team.....the same guy that uses Aminonutrition for his comeback 3 years ago and is still using Aminonutrition during his training and game performances.

I am laughing all the way to the Bank..... My phone just received a missed call" says restricted Number " . Guess I know who's calling.


some stuff I use on athletes..... ( HA like I would publish it here!!)

Yours in performance Nutrition

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