February 16, 2007

Engine blowout on the circuit

I was watching the National games at Assam last night on television. The national records are a comparison of the Maruti 800 to an Alfa Romeo of the same size.

I wonder, do our coaches realise that something is wrong. Well, even if they do then I think most of them are old farts clinging on to their Jobs.

Being in the field of Sports Nutrition for the last three years and seriously travelling the country meeting coaches and talking to them about performance Nutrition....well Boy!!! Do you meet a bunch of jokers.

Viren R the hockey player is a classic example of a the Coaches syndrome!!! The guy is good and I have seen him run and train....and the coaches say he is not good.

EGO and politics. Well if I had my way then I get all these old fuddy duddies a retirement home in Darjeeling where they can sip chai and ask the Tea worker to try their archaic model of training,

Anyways I write more out of frustration that these guys do not focus on Nutrition........ forget performance nutrition but basic Nutrition of 6 meals a day in an athletic programme.

I will be trying to post a molecule a week and how say stuff like glucose or HMB or Argenine gives you that killer performance.

Best of all Nutrition can improve your performance by at least 20% if your a new inductee into my world. If your a veteran...definite 2-5% change is visible.

Remember ....if you only follow the herd ...you will be cattle food at the end of the day ...not the STUD!!

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