October 3, 2007

India's Win at the ASIA CUP- HOCKEY

This time it was a three month activity with the Indian Hockey team and the results played out as per our strategy. Fitness Coach " Prasad Ganguly" and myself redesigned the fitness of the Indian hockey players with a rehydration formula especially designed by me. Along with Aminonutrition and our new strategy of time based fueling we were able to keep the boys in an almost Fatigue free state. Result India had not lost a single Match.

People talk about how ergogenic Aids like BCAA and Glutamine and 6% glucose solution dont work and they are only placebos. Tell a player that after 6 weeks of enhanced performance and he will tell you that no placebo can work that long.

I am now totally convinced on Free form amino acids and the need for Ergogenic Aids.

Check out me and my Team on the CHAK DE INDIA mode!

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