June 22, 2007

Challenger Trophy and the Nutrition Test

Its been a while since I had time to pen down a few lines. Been travelling across the country and found that sports is indeed getting a keener focus in terms of coaches and Infrastructure.

I recently met the Hockey Coach in Bangalore, Joe Carvalho, and I found a Strong note in this gentleman. This guy is bringing back a medal from the Olympics for us. The boys on the Indian Hockey team are so good, its only time before they take off.

As you know I hate all pompous dietitians who say supplements are not required and if proof is in eating the pudding well, the Indian Hockey team has just been presented with a new system of Nutrition delivery during the game via a 6 % osmotic delivery system, where the sugar is delivered in a measured form to deliver maximum up to of glucose into the body without an insulin spike. We have bio-engineered a 5:1 sodium to potassium Electrolyte Ratio coupled with a few vitamins for performance.

I guess the test is on and the Challenger cup in Germany this week will let us know.

Keep reading as I am working with the Military Indian Triathlon Team for the World Military Games and if you think Nutrition in the form of Ergogenic Aids are not required then stay in your white lab coat and CCP ( Cut copy paste ) diets from your outdated text books for diabetic patients.

Will be back and oh! Adarsh just won three golds at the Tamil Nadu aquatic meet. He's nine years old and on a special Performance based Diet.

Got to run, my 8 pm appointment with the treadmill awaits.

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