July 2, 2013

Is your breakfast killing you? : Nutrition - MensHealth

Is your breakfast killing you? : Nutrition - MensHealth

As India's leading Sports Nutritionist, I meet a lot of people with Gluten or Suspect Gluten allergy. A recent article in Men's health helps Unravels the journey to discovering whether you are or Not....a Gluten Geek!

Its important that you know whether you have an allergy via a blood test. Most people do not detect this and pound their pound into weight GAIN submission via wheat, oats, Protein shakes and weight gain Shakes.

I know I have submitted my skinny self to this over the years as a Sports nutritionist. You need to look the part, is what I tried to convince even myself. Sometimes you just do more damage to your system.

Your genetically programmed. I can help you with a 30K gene test to determine the basics. The rest should follow this strategy! I can be reached at ryan@quanutrition.com

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