July 7, 2013

Home Made Natural Protein Shake

Many a times I have mixed Protein shake from a big Jar. Powdered Convenient and tasty. 

However as a nutritionist sometimes I think...I should do this naturally.... Why am I not using my science to help me do it naturally? 

Well here goes...a way you can make a protein shake naturally .....I just hope my supplement friends don't crucify me.

The most common base for any shake is skim milk, which contains approximately 8 g of protein in  250 ml. 2 percent and non-fat skim milk contain approximately the same amount of protein, and both contain cholesterol. 

You can also use almond or soy milks, which contain about 6 g of protein per 250 ml. Although they contain slightly less protein, they do not have cholesterol. 

An option for a thicker shake is to combine and use 120 ml of milk and 200g of plain curd. Curd has approximately 7 g of protein in each 200 gms. 

 Choose a protein-rich ingredient. Cottage cheese or paneer is one of the most popular ingredients because it contains the casein protein, which is a long-lasting protein. 100 gms of cottage cheese contains about 14 g of protein. My major issue was I needed a blender to make a thick smoothie with milk or water. I could not shake the paneer into submission.... 

Chop up 1 cup (150 to 250 g) of fruit for consistency and nutritional value. Although it contains between 1 and 2 g of protein, a banana is the most common ingredient because it adds a thick consistency to the shake. Add your favorite fruit, such as apricots, berries or oranges. 

Most fruits are fairly low in protein, but watermelon contains approximately 1.77 g per large slice. It has citrulline in its white rind so do not throw that away, but blend it in. However I have seen that Milk and watermelon do not make a cool blend. I think its Yucky! but some say its unique. Pineapple helps when you have done a heavy workout where you expect pain the next day. The bromelain in the pineapple helps reduce inflammation and help you get through your soreness faster!

Adding 10 soaked almonds before blending will give me 2.8 gms of Protein additionally and not to mention some good carbs and Vit E which helps muscles recover faster. I have seen most times the almonds escape blending and so the best thing to do is grate the almonds into the milk first. Measure 3 tbsp. (15 g) of oatmeal for extra protein. Although this is not an essential step, it will add 3 extra g of protein. You can also add 1 tbsp. of powdered bran for the same effect. The best way is to use a blender, but a shaker too suffices as you get an upper body workout!!! 

Drink the shake immediately. The nutrient content is higher when the ingredients are fresh. Your shake should contain between 20 and 25 g of protein for around 400-500 ml.

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