June 14, 2013

Sports Gene Testing In India

At QUA NUTRITION our Olympic Sports Nutrition plan has a battery of Nutrigenomics indicators. We have been promoting Testing for genetics, Blood chemistry testing to know current performance status and dietary recall to help build a solid NUTRITION plan.

Our Nutritionists also work with me to build a legal Supplement strategy. Both for growth as well as performance. My article in the TIMES OF INDIA was recently published to guide parents when admitting your Children to sports they need to decide alteration of NUTRITION and EATING patterns in the child so that the nutrition meant for growth is not diverted to training, thereby stunting growth....both mentally and physically.

The investments in your Child Nutrition plans is equivalent to a years fee in any school. However the learning from this is life long as your CHILD will now eat with a plan in place. Both from a health perspective and a Sports Performance. 080 3232 9292 call to know more about Nutrition for your wellbeing.

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