January 28, 2013

Tennis players beware! Slower recovery will be your downfall.

Every game has TV ratings. Research shows people get bored watching games of any type of over 3 hrs. No wonder even cricket has gone to the short format.

Back to TENNIS. 20 secs is the official time of recovery between two points. Today's Grand slam has records of endurance. Watch the records here Tennis Records. AS a player the game has gone from 1 hr to over 3 hrs on an average even in Junior Leagues.
The world record at a Grand slam is over 5 hrs. ARE YOU READY FOR THAT PAIN?

5 hrs of tennis requires

1. Mental Aggression and not Blank zombie pursuit of the Ball
2. Hydration that has you feeling like a WATER TANK and not a wrinkled prune
3. Muscle Nutrition that has your muscles feeling like IRON MAN and not jelly

All the above 3 can be delivered by planning from a very young age SAY 12, to learn to eat for performance. During Practice you teach your stomach to hydrate and eat to deliver those nutrients that will take you through each point fresh.

When I worked on the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD of non-stop Aerobics of 26 hrs with a female athlete, our time strategies for insertion of both liquid and solid food was based on a simple premise; What is the body going to be doing for the next 1 hr. Accordingly we designed the nutrition.

Tennis is only going to get more demanding. A player today has to train for a quicker and faster format. Recovery between points, between games, between sets, between matches and between tournaments will shape your climb in international rankings.

At my nutrition clinic in Bangalore India, we have experts in Exercise physiology and Nutrition who have worked with me on the projects to deliver 2 Guinness records and 2 Olympic medals in Wrestling. POWER and ENDURANCE is what we can guarantee you!

For a Tennis player watch these videos to get to the next level and if you learn something please send me your testimonial on what changes you did to your diet and supplements. Click on the links below to watch videos to help you improve your nutrition strategies.

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Our Annual nutrition plans start at $ 1500. To know more email me at ryan@quanutrition.com or call +91 9900009080.

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