February 8, 2013

KIDS NUTRITION -Why we are the Rock Stars to your kids ?

Your child's Nutrition is important. At 1 year or at 16 years, children tend not to listen to parents. YOU ARE NOT THE EXPERTS as per your kid's Intelligence.

However Kids know that a DIETITIAN is an expert on food. Why not invest in a session like this?

A recent comment from a banker,  " My kid listens to your dietitian, she feels that whatever is said in the session is the highest science and truth. So she now eats Beetroot and half a dozen vegetables. She has started downloading recipes, enters the kitchen and gives advice to her mom. She is all of 7 years of age.Coming to you guys, was the best investment I ever made till date". Strong words from a Father.
What are you Doing to safe guard your child's future?

To speak to a PEDIATRIC CHILD NUTRITION EXPERT call +919743430000  or Click here or email ryan@quanutrition.com

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