December 27, 2012


ALL GOANS block this date 15 Jan 2013.

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT? I will answer all your doubts to put you on track for a self help Weight management program. It will last for 3 hrs, but I promise not to leave the venue till I answer every question of yours.

Where?  CARPE DIEM Click to see location in GOA

View the Interview at the HERALD Newspaper in Goa Details about seminar in the Media

Nutrition Seminar for A Healthier YOU

Date: 15th January 2013
Time: 10:30 am to 2:30 pm
Resource Person: Ryan Fernando - Qua Nutrition
Venue: Carpe Diem Art and Learning Centre, Majorda Goa.

India's leading Nutritionist Ryan Fernando will teach you how to maintain a healthier lifestyle with good Nutrition. A 2 hr personalised Workshop on techniques and concepts directed at eating nutritiously for fat loss, maintaining a healthier weight and beating the bulge.
The Seminar will include as part of the package a healthy lunch for the participants. Early registrations will be offered discounted prices.

In this seminar you will learn

  • How to calculate your Ideal body weight
  • How to understand fat loss and accelerate FAT BURNING using 5 wonderful foods
  • How to Eat and still loose weight
  • Which Supplements which will help you jump start your metabolism
  • How to ask for a blood test and what to do with your results
  • Which exercise puts you in a secret FAT BURNING ZONE
  • Why you will put on weight and what can you do to stay fit
  • Who will Benefit form attending this workshop

Mothers who prepare meals for their family, Corporate executives, Business persons, Fitness inclined persons and Older people having Lifestyle diseases related to improper eating.

REGISTER with Daegal at +91 888862462

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