February 17, 2011

Fat Burners - THE SAFE WAY

I was watching a program on Models and Actors last night. Ever wonder why they are so beautiful or look so toned, lean, beautiful, defined....the list can go on. Well, Ask yourself " Am I a Mercedes Benz or a Maruti 800"?

If your answer is the latter, please exit. Customized Nutrition plans are the equivalent of your Mercedes Benz going to an authorized dealer. Would you become a self-mechanic and try to repair and fuel that wonderful machine of yours. So are you fueling your BODY right?

YES or NO? Or are you looking for a quick FIX! There are no quick Fixes even though I was quoted in an article on FAT BURNERS yesterday in Mail today and the Yahoo Beauty pages. http://epaper.mailtoday.in/showtext.aspx?boxid=231180&parentid=48790&issuedate=1522011.

Fat burners represent one portion of 100's of strategies that a Nutritionist can use on you.

Now everybody seems to want to get the quick fix method. The Phone is ringing off the hook.TELL ME SIR WHICH FAT BURNER IS GOOD. And to top it off the MLM food supplement sellers are whacking their goods in the comments columns and people are lapping it up.

Get a Little smarter people. THIS IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.....

A customised Nutrition plan should do the following

1. Asses your Body Type
2. Determine your BMR ( Basal Metabolic Rate), your Fat %, and your Dietary Habits

3. Evaluate your energy expenditure
4. Decide on a regime of Foods and Supplements that will work for you
5. Final put all the above together and plan the Nutrition as per your Fitness Goal

Most Dietitians do not do this and assess you only via symptoms and prescribe a standard diet. How boring and Unsuccessful.

At QUA NUTRITION I have designed an assessment that will do all of the above and guide you over a year on the Nutrition and Supplements and the exercise regimes required to achieve that Beautiful Body. After all we are all, given, only one life time to look good. There are no second chances.

From CEOs, to Industrialists to Kollywood superstars, we have tailor make each individual and treat you like one of kind. Mail us at QUA NUTRITION to get your analysis and begin your journey to taking control of your Destiny. Remember ....if you only follow the herd ...you will be cattle food at the end of the day ...not the STUD!!

May the QUA be with you!

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