February 15, 2011

Excuse is not a Word ------ -----ITS your INACTION!!!

Do you know that Nutrition can only be discplined by your own actions and choices. At QUA Nutrition we like to scientifically design your nutrition and supplements. However the practise of implementing these nutritional strategies is left upto you. Everyday I get friends and realtives saying " YEAH BUT YOU KNOW, I have no time! Its so difficult", " I cannot carry fruits to Work", Its so difficult not to eat out". I call this segment of People WHINERS!!! who are ultimately Losers.

If you want to start .....get discplined.....You will live longer, look younger and hell yeah impress everyone out there.....

If your envying the guy in the next cubicle looking so young fit and trim....I bet you thats the GUY thats DISCIPLINED!!!

I work with one GUY WHO NEVER WHINES.......Prasanta Karmarkar..COMMONWEALTH bronze medal winner. Watch his video below


His Video paints a Picture....why you should stop whining and do something about getting in shape. Hopefully our team at QUA NUTRITION will be able to change the way you eat...@ the cost of a Luxury meal...Call us at 99 0000 9080 or email us at diet@quahealth.com.

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