January 22, 2010

Ten Best Supplements for 2010 Contd

In Continuation to the list of the ten best Supplements for 2010, I have to add an odd supplement. Something that no Nutritionist till date has recommended in their Diet charts or supplement regimes. In this case its got something to do with 70% of your body or 70% of the Earth. Yes that's right the Ubiquitous WATER.

WATER, AQUA, PANI, TANI, what i call " BLUE GOLD". Yes WATER!!!!

But the water I recommend is not your Tap water, Not Mineral Water, not the GANGA JAL, ZAM ZAM or Lourdes Water.

The water we get from bottles, taps , filters etc have at some point gone through a pump. It has been discovered that the Electrostatic vibrations and churn of water through the pumps destroys the Crystalline structure of water.

Now this is very interesting, because on researching it further it has been found that people who drink from wells/springs or directly from mountain source have a longer healthier life span.

Apparently water that flows over rocks or crystals of minerals get the water BIO ENERGIZED. When viewed under a microscope a water crystal is beautiful.

Pumped water looks somewhat like a painting gone bad.

Further digging got me understanding that this crystalline structure of water is responsible for health and the uptake of nutrients at a far more efficient rate. So the normal water we drink today is killing us slowly. The nutrient uptake/assimilation and re-hydration process is actually only 40% of what your body needs.

So my thumbs up this year goes to BIO ENERGIZED WATER which is not available on your table or in your house or in your city. You have to live in the Himalayas or the alps to get this PURE supplement.

Fortunately the Germans and a British cardiologist have discovered a way using nanotechnology to embedded 13 minerals into a glass disc (vivifier) and simulated near perfect bio-energized water. All one has to do is pour your water over the disc and it gets Energized. This product is the BIO-DISC.

I have been using the BIO DISC for over six months now and the best results have been seen on the energy levels and the decrease in cough, colds and other aliments. Not to mention that I have used it on the Dinaz Vervatwala, My client for perfrormance nutrition counselling, who went to break the Guinness World record in non-stop aerobics for 26 hours.

Well the Bio disc is my Supplement choice of the year.

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