January 4, 2010

10 out of 10 for 2010. TEN BEST FOODS FOR 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR QUA FOLLOWERS! I have been away for a while, doing all the sinful things one can do during the festive season of Christmas and new year. The calories have piled up, I ate like no tomorrow and fats were my second best friend. Alcohol, chiefly Single malt and Wines were numero uno on the list. Well its time to get that resolution out and and so I thought for those of you that read this blog, I came up with the TEN BEST FOODS for 2010. Ten on ’10. Get it. The perfect Score card for your Health.

SO this Year I am going to ADD ten Supplements or foods into my diet list that will still allow me to be sinful but these ten guys will take care of the 360 days that I do bad stuff. Five days is accounted for a common cold when I really do follow a strict Food regime.

SO here goes. At the top of the TEN BESTSELLERS LIST is

1) OMEGA 3 – You can get this from FISH oils or FLAXSEED oil. Buy them at your local pharmacy or supermarket. If you cant find it get in touch with me I will tell you where you get it in your city. Omega 3 does wonders to your SKIN first. You see results in 15 days flat. Next your hair in 8 weeks begins to get a Sheen. After 3 months your Cholesterol is lowered or at least you wont feel guilty when eating Bacon or PORK. 3 tablets of 500 MG every morning after breakfast.

2) Garlic extract Pills. Take one a day. Don’t take it raw cause after two weeks you will smell of garlic. Pills are de-odourised and then GARLIC is really potent without the STINKYINESS!!! COLDS and SWINE FLU never heard of it if your on garlic.

3) PROBITOTICS. Make curd at home. PEOPLE CURD in supemarkets are PASTUERISED and have no life in them. YOU have to make it fresh…the one that stays only for a day, after which it turns sour. I make curd at home from fresh milk. Dip a teaspoon in yesterdays curd and then stir the warm fresh milk. Leave overnight inside the cupboard. DON’T BUY CURD IN THE MARKET its just protein without life. Else YAKULT milk!! A quick fix option if its available in your city.

Will continue next week with 4 to 6 bestseller list.

RIGHT NOW, I suggest you buy the three and stock your fridge. I would love to hear from you if after practicing this how you feel. After all the universe is about sharing ones wellness.

May the Qua be with You in 2010.

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