January 6, 2010

10 out of 10 in 2010. The Ten Best Food Supplements - CONTD....

2010 started with the sniffles and has gone onto a full blown cold. So Vit C to the fore!!!

So the next two on my list of best food supplements that you should buy and have on your shelf are


This Vitamin was discovered in the high seas when oranges where carried to prevent sailors from dying of bleeding gums. In today's world none of us are sailors but we need to get at least 500 mgs a day. In India please buy limcee or Celin tablets and take one at breakfast and one at lunch. What I do is I keep two three strips of Vit C in my office Drawer. When I have a midday fruit break of an orange or maybe a banana, I pop one with the fruit. PLEASE PLEASE take one a day. In three weeks you will notice how clear your skin is....internally Vit C is like a DRAIN CLEANER. most of us take it for 2 or 3 days during a cold.

TRY IT FOR MONTH. Its costs about Rs 30 for the whole month. In fact science has documented that you will reduce your heart disease incidence by 60%.

So I am down to


The beauty vitamin, the exercise vitamin, the anti cancer vitamin. If I was an insurance HEALTH agent I would give every one of my customers a free montly supply of VIt E. Buy 400mg with selenium as a good bet. TOCOPHEROLS if written on the bottle is the best one. In india buy EVION...its good. Amway's Vit E is the best one. Please note you may be wondering how on earth can one take so many capsules. Well they are not TOXIC.

PLEASE NOTE VOLUME CONSUMPTION DOES NOT comprise toxic..... many different molecules in capsules forms actually are your insurance policy to lesser disease and younger looks.

Some of the worlds best NUTRITIONISTS ( MD -medicine) not people like me but doctors, consume 25-60 supplements in a day. Dont believe me. Check out a guy called Robert Crahyon, who has the worlds best Nutritionist speak at his conferences in the USA>The speakers are 60 plus look 40 and apprantely have the blod profile of a teenager....Their lists of supplements though expensive are endless.

As for me in India, I know the FARMER does not care about your Health, your age, your skin, your fertility, your colds............

So invest in getting some good qualityDietary supplements onto your Breakfast table.

The list is upto five.......Probiotics, Omega 3, Vit C , Vit E and garlic extract pills. FIVE more to go...keep smiling.


May the Qua be with you.

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