June 12, 2009

Are Celebrities Sportstars'?

Working with Athletes gets you recognised. Working with Filmstars gets you famous. But are Superstars truly sports stars...

I always thought Actors were born with gifted genetics and Drop dead looks. What I have realized that neither is actually 100% true.

I recently decided to take up an assignment with a local Tamil Superstar - Nitin Sathya. Nitin at first appeared to be a very normal person but as a Filmstar a very down to earth person. ( Since then I have met half a dozen filmstars and get this they are all down to earth Humble and lovely people).

NITIN has to loose 10 kgs of FAT. In 30 days. Tough task for His workouts and trainers and even tougher that I have to get his diet and supplements in order.

Watch this space to see if we succeed. 15 days into the programme and we have achieved a 4 kg loss. If winning an olympic bronze medal through Sushil Kumar was Awesome, I do not know the feelings if his movie is a HIT!!! L-carnitine and Aminonutrition with a low calorie diet work. I now know that the diet needs tinkering every 7 days. THESE superstars workout like crazy. I still remember Neha Dupia, She rode a Spin Bike like crazy....no wonder these people look so sexy!!!! Its the workouts!! Nitin actually swears that people think he goes for a facial everyday as his skin glows!!! Omega and Vitamin E and Carnitine in a secret RYAN"S NUTRITION combo.

Its fun. Advising people on what not to eat to loose on fat and get that Chiseled look. Thanks MUM and DAD...for the SKINNY GENE....I feel like a ROCKSTAR.

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