April 4, 2009

Why Players Dont get Ahead

There are three things that players need to focus on in becoming World class.

1. Killer Attitude
2. Killer Skills
3. Killer Muscles.

Notice that its not Body but muscles. The skills and Attitude come from the Mind or the brain. MUSCLES move the rest of the body.

For you to win at all costs, whether your a 100 meter sprinter, swimmer or a long distance runner or a bodybuilder you need to grow your muscles through Nutrition.

Genetically only certain people will be gifted to become what I call " Killer Athletes.

But there are small secrets that can help you reach there for example

1. Smaller meals--It keeps you in anabolic phase or positive growth
3. the muscle require 48 hours to recuperate.....

PEOPLE 48 hrs is two days. I see the muscles back in training 24 hours later....Quality of training and not Quantity.

I just finished KARAN MALIK's performance nutrition programme. Expect a Indian World Champion in 4-6 years. I am periodising his peak performance through FOOD DOPING!!!

Next prediction...SUSHIL will win GOLD at the ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS.....Just altered his diet for getting ready to fight.

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