January 1, 2008

Resolution 2008 - Win at all costs

Guiding athletes from across the country has me bitten by the Workout Bug. I am now at 60 kgs. My target at the end of 2008 is 72 kgs my ideal bodyweight.

I am going to use by own body as a performance measurement tool in terms of Performance nutrition. BODYFUELZ is already a key component in my workout regime.

This year is going to Rock! At 32, I feel 23 and burning rubber in the gym.

Its Glutamine, Free form amino's , and a cocktail of dry fruits thats the new addition to bulk up.

Keep tuned. and oh! by the way I got to meet Neha Dhupia at Golds Gym in Mumbai. Now I know why filmstars have killer Abs....even the women ;}...Its because they workout like Crazy.

Which reminds me I have to get me a girlfriend with Killer Abs...

2008 .... Going to chew everyday and spit out the pips!!!

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