May 27, 2013

Wrestling Assassin to Cricket Turbanator! Why Sports Nutrition is a must?

Sports nutrition is customised for every sport and within that sport for every athlete. I recently had a worried mother of a 9 year old tennis player worried over her sons performance and why Nutrition was not working. The areas that nutrition invests are growth, recovery, endurance and not to forget brain performance. 

It takes about 2-3 years to get the nutrition bang on to know how your body plays for your Olympic Medals or Man of the Match awards. I ask all atheltes how often do you sleep, play and shower. About 1-2 times per day. YOU EAT 6-8 times a DAY! 

Nutrition is a science. Your an athlete. STOP behaving like a copy paste IDIOT who thinks google can design your sports program. Get a SPORTS NUTRITIONIST TO HELP YOU DESIGN YOURS. Call my team on 080 3232 9292 or International email 

I am lucky to have Olympian Sushil Kumar work with me for two olympics. Even luckier to now have Harbhajan listening to the powers of beetroot and eating on time. 

Both are Champions in their own right! Fueling them is a challenge and a blessing! RYANS CELEBRITY CLIENTS

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