May 4, 2013

Robin Uthappa's Fat loss IPL strategy

NEW ROBIN at 12% Body FAT
OLD ROBIN with confidential Fat %
When you watch robin in 2013 you see a fitter robin than the ROBIN of IPL 2012. In 2012 he lost 6 kgs of fat with our sports nutrition plan. In this year he is looking meaner and fitter. Robin says " the best part of loosing fat was as a player I was in control of my muscle and in control of by eating. Sensible eating according to a trained diet plan that did not deprive me but make me understand my QUA" Robin has undergone the most sophisticated genetic, biochemistry and body assessments. I personally have tracked his Fat percentage to see it drop by a whopping 12%. At QUA NUTRITION we cant take credit for an athletes discipline and work ethic. All we do is guide the athlete on eating to become supremely fit.

Robin is an extremely motivated and driven athlete! A work ethic that is rivaled at our clinic only by Olympic medal winner Sushil Kumar

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Watch A Lean and Fit Robin post the match. Notice how he is not overheated and sweating like other players in the post IPL interview!

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