August 17, 2010

Cholesterol and THE ACTION PLAN!

OK folks. People are concerned about cholesterol because they don't want to develop arterial blockages. Total cholesterol is not important. But there are really two important issues: 1) inflammation (determined by measuring by "tri-sensitivity" C-Reactive Protein "CRP" and Lipoprotein(a)) and 2) on your ratio of good cholesterol vs. bad.

Long-term inflammation in the arteries causes cholesterol deposits and plaques to form (especially if your lipid panel ratios are bad) and is most likely caused by: a) chronic infection (such as poor dental hygiene or root canal abscesses or intestinal yeast infections, etc.) and/or b) by eating foods to which you have an allergic reaction (for me that is corn starch/corn syrup) and/or c) by eating a lot of commercially raised meat and dairy products.

So, address the infections and gingivitis, avoid allergenic foods, and avoid foods that push your omega 6 levels up. The commercially raised, grain fed meat is very high in Omega 6 fatty acids (which encourage your immune system to form inflammatory compounds that cause systemic muscle/joint pain and inflammation in the arteries. Keep in mind, arteries are lined with muscle as well).

Good vs. Bad ratios of LDL and HDL and Triglycerides: a "bad" lipid panel is primary caused by diet and lifestyle. Eating lots of grains and commercial meat and dairy, alcohol, caffeine, etc, will elevate you LDL and lower you HDL and will cause inflammation. Lots of sugars and lack of exercise will also cause your LDL and your Triglycerides to be elevated. Seek out good fats such as olive oil, grapeseed oil, almonds and almond oil, and coconut oil.

Here's the program I developed for my father. It has worked so well his doctor took him off of statins:

Regular exercise at least 3 times per week, preferably staying in your target heart rate zone for 20 minutes.
Cut the junk food (cakes, donuts, candy, cookies, processed foods) and fried foods (especially fried in corn oil and commercial vegetable oil)
Cut the caffeine and smoking
Eat whole foods, raw foods (fruits and vegetables, preferably organic but always fresh as possible)
When eating meat, eat grass fed, or just avoid RED MEATS...go with Whites meats. Fish is best
Minimize dairy products, especially junk dairy products and ice cream

The following two formulas were specifically chosen to complement one another:

1. Shudh Guggal with Amway B complex Tablets(Guggal Lipids and Niacin formula)

Fish Oil for Omega 3 (PCB and Heavy Metal Free )
Krill Oil (Newer to the scene; optional. Studies show excellent results. Very expensive.)
Grapeseed oil (for dressing and cooking, but at least a tablespoon per day is preferred)
POM Juice daily

Get your full lipid panel checked every 3 or 6 months, along with CRP and Lipoprotein(a).

Additionally, ALL men, plus women over 50, you should donate blood periodically to keep you iron (Ferritin) levels down. Why do men get heart disease earlier than women? Because women lose blood every month normally until menopause so they iron levels are naturally lower. Oxidized iron in the blood stream is a contributing factor to coronary heart disease.

Lastly, anyone over 50 and all who may be on a Statin drug, please take your Co-enzyme Q10 (ubiquinone). Newer to the market is Ubiquinol, which is the lesser stable but more bioactive form of Q10. Taking a 50/50 mix is good. Get 100 to 200 mg/day.

Inflammation and a healthy lipid panel are the two keys. That is why diet and lifestyle go hand in hand. Enjoy

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