November 4, 2009

Breaking the LIMCA record was not easy!

Dinaz Vervatwala is a woman of steel. She went on to break her own record on Sunday of Non-stop Aerobics for 16 hours.

Dinaz and myself have been professional acquaintances for the last five years. I helped her with Sania Nehwal when we were trying to enhance her game.

About a month ago Dinaz called me up and said " RYAN I WANT TO BREAK THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORD". The first thought through my head was performance nutrition and how I would be able to balance the rigorous of subjecting the human body to 26 hours of continuous exercise.

I then went to the drawing table and pulled out every BIOCHEMISTRY, and Exercise Physiology book to start the arduous task of planning her diet and supplements for this event.

Good news is that she broke the record.

Bad news is that I now have to go through two more events, 20 hours of non-stop in December and 26 hours for the world record in January. Its BAD coz you don't sleep for two days and you have to be on call through the event to make sure that your athlete does not collapse. This is the ULTRA endurance race and I have to make sure she reaches her goal

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